5 Yoga Tips to beat the Winter Blues

13 July 2019

Written by Tarryn James

There is no better feeling than being snuggled up on the couch, covered in multiple blankets, sipping on your third cup of hot cocoa. The mere thought of leaving this safe haven for a yoga class seems dreadful! As winter draws on, its natural to slow down on physical activity as we fall into a mild form of hibernation until spring arrives!

Before your yoga practice starts to fade away, we've formulated a few sneaky tricks to incorporate yoga into the winter months. Remember that yoga benefits you physically, as well as emotionally and mentally. Not only will continuing your practice build up a protective immune system to beat the cold and flu, but it will also bring a smile to your face as you shiver your way through the day!


1. Warm Up

Warming up thoroughly at the start of a yoga class is vital! Allowing your body to ease into the practice will prevent over-stretching and injuries. Start with a few rounds of Kapalabathi (a.k.a. Breath of Fire) and Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations) to get the body going. Keep warm by maintaining your breath (Ujjayi is great for this) throughout the class and putting on something warm as you work your way into Savasana

2. Hot Yoga

Instead of opting for 10 Sun Salutations to warm you up, try popping in for a hot yoga class! The heat will not only help you warm up quicker, but will also allow you to work up a bit of a sweat. Hot Yoga has numerous benefits; including increased heart rate, flexibility and all-round workout.

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3. Shower Meditation

Yes, this is a real thing! Make your shower/ bath a time for relaxation and complete mindfulness. Notice all your senses, the temperature on your skin, the smells etc. Allow your thoughts to be nothing but present for those few moments. Once you hop out the shower/ bath, dress warmly and maybe roll through a few stretches to maintain your flexibility while your body is warm.

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4. Take a Challenge
There are many challenges to keep you motivated through winter. Why not challenge yourself with a 10 class pass at your local studio, or 21 yoga classes in a month? By setting a goal, you'll stay motivated to make your way to your mat. Alternatively, scout a few Instagram challenges where you need to post a picture each day of a certain pose - this will surely help you stretch it out every day.

5. Make it fun
Nothing encourages you more than a friend or partner! Spice up your yoga practice with a few Acro Yoga classes, Bikram or something you have never tried before! While laughing and working your way through the class, you'll be having so much fun you'll forget you actually came for the workout!

Whatever you do to bring yoga into your routine, we hope you make it through this winter with nothing but happiness and lots of yoga!

Tarryn James