Introspection, Revitalisation and Transformation on an Advanced Teacher Training.

4 April 2019

Written by Tarryn James

Nestled in the heart of Cape Town, lies The Shala, a boutique-style studio and sacred space for practitioners to explore yoga with the support of inspiring and hands-on teachers. This year, The Shala invites yoga teachers to once again become students; to experience growth and transformation on an Advanced Teacher Training.

As yoga instructors, we are in a profession that is conducive to our own transformation. How often do we get the opportunity to step back and be a student; to observe, experience, learn and experience growth? After hosting over twelve successful 200-hour yoga teacher trainings, 2019 marks the year that The Shala offers their first 300 hour Teacher Training. This continuous development training provides yoga instructors with the opportunity to deepen their practice and further their teaching careers. We sat down with Tamsin Sheehy to find out what you can look forward to experiencing over their 300 hour training.


“Let’s meet each other without competition and start to feed off each other.” says Tamsin. A welcoming and nurturing space is essential in order to develop a community of teachers that are supportive of one another. The Shala has carefully constructed a training programme which is conducive to the development of, not only our yoga teachers, but our yoga community as a whole.

Led by three experienced teachers in their field, this training aims to combine the fundamental aspects of yoga; anatomy, asana and philosophy. This training is facilitated by lead teacher and studio owner, Tamsin Sheehy. She will be supported her husband and co-owner of the school, Thomas Sheehy; covering anatomy and physiology as well as Adila Groenewald, who co-wrote the programme and will hold self-inquiry, subtle anatomy and yoga philosophy.

This training has brought together the physical body of anatomy and asana with the spiritual and philosophical aspects of mind and soul, “The strength lies in equal amounts of all three” says Tamsin, going on to explain that in western frameworks, we have somehow lost certain aspects of traditional yoga. The Shala invites you to ignite your passion by reconnecting to the root of yoga; not only in asana and pranayama but in philosophy too.

With conscious consideration and planning, the teacher training team have developed three modules which aim to teach principles and techniques of yoga that are more advanced, detailed and subtle. “If our aim is to become whole and integrated beings” says Tamsin, then our focus in yoga should be focused on equal amounts of mind, body and spirit.

These three 100 hour modules, which run over 10 consecutive days, will occur in August and October 2019 as well as February 2020. These three modules will repeat yearly, allowing students opportunity to follow their own schedule. It is recommended to complete these modules in their original sequence. Each module will end with an exam, discussions and feedback. “Without a feedback, we can’t grow.” says Tamsin, highlighting that constructive comments shape us as teachers.


The first module of Introspection will explore the 7-chakra system to identify areas of discomfort and bring them to light. Each training day will start with a 3-hour practice, followed by theoretical lectures and practical afternoon workshops. Teachers will explore skills training, prop usage, creative sequencing and cues experienced in their morning practice. This module will serve to understand your personal yoga practice as both student and teacher. “For yoga to be a sustainable profession” says Tamsin, “you need to work student and teacher together”.

The second module of Revitalization will focus on one of Tamsin’s passions; cleansing and detoxing. This module will explore physical practices of pranayama, kriya, lymphatic and digestive cleansing as well as the more subtle cleansing meditation practices. There will be a strong anatomy and physiology component as you uncover the practices to purify and revitalize the physical body. Philosophy will be introduced through the observation of our mind and how to cleanse toxic thoughts.

The final module will focus on Moving Forward and taking yoga to where it is needed the most. With guest teachers, you will explore various elements of yoga styles including Yoga Nidra, Yoga for Special Groups, Kirtan, Pre-Natal Yoga, Yoga Therapy as well Corporate Wellness. “It will offer a space for people to find their niche” says Tamsin, encouraging teachers to incorporate their natural talents and explore yoga teaching as a full career.



What makes this training unique is its emphasis on the importance of Philosophy. “Philosophy is the basis of yoga” says Tamsin, going on to explain that this fundamental aspect of yoga prepares us for the way in which we handle the outside world. Although based on ancient texts, the philosophy covered in this training will be focused on applying it in a modern setting.

In combination with asana, teachers will be given the tools to teach and hold space in pranayama, meditation and cleansing practice. “The deeper meaning of yoga has to be acknowledged” says Tamsin, highlighting that in order to teach a lifestyle, we need to keep working on ourselves holistically.

“We are practicing to bring more love, light, peace, presence into the world” says Tamsin. “Lets examine these deeper constructs.”  


An advancing practice is not only the performance of progressive postures, but also the inclusion of mental and philosophical practices. Teachers will be encouraged to develop a sustainable practice to invite fluidity into the mind, body and spirit.

The 300 hour training is registered with Yoga Alliance International and will offer an International accreditation to all graduates.

If you are interested in advancing your practice at The Shala, find out more about this training below:

Tarryn James