An Absolute Beginners Course to Start or Refine your practice.


8 May 2019

Written by Tarryn James

 Set the tone for your year. Reconnect to your practice and create routine.

Winter is the perfect opportunity for you to connect back to yourself and your yoga practice. The Shala Cape Town Yoga School will be hosting their next Absolute Beginners in June 2019. Not only is this workshop the perfect opportunity to begin your yoga journey, but also a refresher for those who are looking to brush up on their alignment!


Tamsin Sheehy, co-owner and yoga instructor at The Shala started offering the Absolute Beginners Course in 2010. The reason behind this course was to refine alignment and to create safety as well as effective alignment in yoga. Tamsin saw the need for regular practitioners to have the opportunity to revisit the foundational elements of their yoga practice.

In June 2019, Kathleen Booyse will be facilitating her 5th Beginners Yoga Course, with the assistance of Nena Butler. Both Kathleen and Nena completed their teacher training at The Shala Cape Town Yoga School and look forward to sharing their passion and knowledge with the students who attend this course.

“I am very passionate about it” says Kathleen going on to explain that this course is all about educating and giving students something to take home after each practice. “The nice thing about the course is that is not just for people who have never done yoga” Kathleen explains, highlighting that some of their students have attended this course a number of times. Students who attend this workshop can look forward to committing to two practices a week, which gets you into the habit of practicing regularly.



This course is broken down into 2 sessions per week over the 4 weeks. The first week starts with learning to breathe consciously to calm the body and mind. Students can expect to learn the correct alignment and breakdown the poses that make up sun salutations. The second week will build on as you start moving more fluidly with breath and expand your practice of different postures. With each week to follow, there will be repetition and refinement as you become more comfortable with your physical asana practice.

“You are going to repeat main poses but also going to learn extra tips in between sessions”, says Kathleen, explaining that each session will bring new interesting elements.

There will be moments to stop, observe and discuss as Kathleen and Nena delve deeper into the correct alignment of various postures in a non-competitive space.


A wonderful aspect about this course is that after the 8 sessions, students will be able to slot into the weekly beginners classes at The Shala. These classes are at a prime slot during the week so that students can maintain their regular practice.

“Beginners work really hard in the classes” says Tamsin, explaining that these classes allow students to hold poses for longer and focus on alignment. There is a large focus on being present and in the space of yoga and breath. “Asana is a tool for you to be with yourself”


“It will give tools that you can take off the mat”. says Kathleen, explaining that it’s the little take home’s that allow you to integrate your practice into your daily lives.

Once completing the course each student would have learnt the tools for a basic home practice and the confidence to join a multi level yoga class.


Tarryn James