Advancing Your Practice: Intensive training for teachers.

As a yoga instructor; what are you doing to maintain a strong practice? To read the energy of the room? To tune in to your intuition and connect with your students? To learn more and grow as an exceptional teacher?

As yoga instructors, we are constantly finding balance between being teacher and student. Along with maintaining our own self-practice, there is the gradual growth from beginner to advanced & from deep connection to body, to deep connection to soul. We sat down with Tamsin Sheehy and Lara Roux, to hear about their personal experiences of advancing their practice as well as what you can expect on their upcoming advanced teacher training.


The Shala Cape Town Yoga School is renowned for focusing on the transformation of leading yoga students, step by step, through the journey of becoming a safe and effective yoga teacher. Their trainings are truly about the growth that occurs, not only in practice, but in personal development too. With an emphasis on continuous learning, The Shala is now offering advanced teacher training modules; providing yoga instructors with the opportunity to seep into the skills that can make them an exceptional yoga teacher.

The Shala's first advanced teacher training will be led by Tamsin Sheehy and Lara Roux, having 25 years combined full time Yoga Teaching experience. These trainings are for registered yoga teachers; offering the tools and guidance needed to take your personal practise and teaching skills to the next level.


Tamsin Sheehy, co-owner of The Shala Cape Town Yoga School, makes use of creative and well-paced sequencing, anatomically precise instruction and hands-on adjustments to provide her students with a safe and sacred space to immerse themselves deep in their practice and develop an intuitive relationship with their bodies.  

After completing her first teaching training in 2004, Tamsin has continued to grow, both as student and teacher."I am always learning", says Tamsin, going on to state that she has recently completed her WildLotus 300hours with Patrick Creelman and Rinat Perlman in Hong Kong.

Tamsin's passion for the practice and natural gift as a teacher allows her to guide students to develop a sustainable self-practice and integrate the teachings of yoga into all aspects of their lives to find greater balance of mind, body and spirit.




Lara Roux is a Cape Town based yoga instructor, known for her forrest-inspired teachings. After completing her first training in 2011, she continued to acquire as much knowledge as she could, completing various Forrest Yoga trainings and workshops as well as gain experience from international courses in a variety of yoga styles.

"I am still learning. Through my own experiences I build structure”, says Lara highlighting the importance of a strong self practice combined with self-study.

Lara is passionate about intensives. The amount of self-acquisition, note taking and research needed to present an intensive or training form part of her own continual learning journey.

She went on to highlight that teacher's may experience a natural plateau in their teaching, and this training will provide them with the opportunity to not only learn more, but to learn in different ways too.


This 30 hour Intensive, occurring over 2 weeks, will focus on intermediate asana, pranayama, prop usage, assisting as well as teaching skills. Instructors can expect to be challenged physically through asana practices, as Tamsin and Lara draw upon their extensive teaching experience to guide your body through intelligent and effective sequencing.

Each day will start with a 2.5 hour practice, allowing for exploration. “The 'take homes' are not necessarily the peak poses themselves but the different ways you can be creative with props or playfulness to get to those postures” says Tamsin, explaining that the advanced training will focus on seeing all angles of postures. Instead of looking at the pose one dimensionally, instructors will be encouraged to look around, next to, above and below to create a 360 degree, 4 dimensional understanding of the postures.

The theoretical components will draw upon Tamsin’s experience of teaching teachers and Lara’s knowledge gained from running her own retreats, courses and workshops. All essential teaching skills will be covered, as well as the more subtle aspects of reading the energy of your students and keeping your own energy clear and vibrant in this often emotionally charged and physically demanding profession. "

As a yoga teacher, you want people to create a space for safety" says Tamsin, explaining that the important element of reading energy and tuning into your intuition as a yoga instructor will also be addressed during the training.

The word "yoga", from the Sanskrit word yuj, means to bind but is often interpreted as "union" or "coming together". These advanced modules offered at The Shala are focused on creating non-competitive support as well as mentorship for fellow yoga instructors. The training will create a community where instructors are encouraged to share and learn from one another. "It's about being able to lean and learn from one another." says Lara, "That vibration of creating and building each other up"

Tamsin added that, “Its just about connection”. There will also be moments of silence and reflection, where instructors will also have the opportunity to draw inwards and connect to personal elements of themselves.

Yoga teachers who are interested in advancing their practice don't need to be able to do the split, or handstand at the centre of the room.  “We want to show the 3 or 4 steps to get there” says Tamsin, explaining that it is about the process of where you are in your journey and knowing where you are working towards. 

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