Angala: A Retreat that leaves you Reset, Refocused and Realigned.


Nestled in the heart of the Cape Winelands, between the magnificent mountains, lies Angala; a retreat for body, mind and spirit. Not only does this boutique hotel offer the experience of serene remoteness but also a variety of yoga retreats that will leave you feeling reset, refocused and realigned.


"Angala" refers to the time when earth was first being formed. It was a period during which the Divine was gathering the energy to create our planet. In the Divine mind, there was the thought of Earth and the protection of the Angels to hold it safe...

Angala Boutique Hotel & Guest House is owned by husband and wife Peter and Tisha Cunliffe. Previously known as Cathbert Country Inn, this hotel and guest house has always stayed committed to providing unique and quality service. In 2013, after undergoing a journey of transformation, Cathbert Country Inn was rebranded to become Angala Boutique Hotel and Guest House. True to the meaning of its name, "Angala" creates that ambient space where guests can experience tranquility, connect to nature's stillness and feel inspired. 

Pampered in luxury and surrounded by nature, you are able to absorb the magnificence and quality that nature can bring to one’s life. A lasting impression will linger long after your journey back home.


Angala offers a variety of wellness services including an ozonated solar heated pool & spa, eco pool, sauna and steam rooms. With such a spiritual space and a focus on wellness, it was not long before Angala expanded their wellness offerings to include Yoga Retreats.

Angala hosted its first yoga retreat three years ago and they have run at least 3 retreats per year over the winter seasons.  Angala lends itself particularly to retreats due to the tranquillity of the surroundings and has a sense of peace that it offers to guests. The winter seasons provide the perfect opportunity to draw inwards. Give yourself the opportunity for a mid-year reset, with panoramic mountain view, luxurious accommodation and extensive wellness offerings.

This year, Ilana and Anton from Gururamdas Yoga Studio in Cape Town head to Angala to offer a combination of the luxury of a spacious home with the tranquillity of a Buddhist Temple.



Ilana draws things out of you that you never knew existed. Through her teaching of Kundalini and gift of expression, she guides you through powerful postures, releasing great emotion, tears and laughter. As a child, she intuitively moved in and out of yoga postures, blissfully unaware. She began a formal practice in her teens, and has gone on to train under such esteemed teachers as Yogi Bhajan, Gurmukh, Gurushabd, and Richard Freeman.  She continuously expands her personal practice with numerous disciplines. She has also assisted in numerous International KRI Teacher trainings as well as facilitated trainings at the GuruRamDas home.

Anton is a co-founder and Director of GuruRamDas. He is the carer, the nurturer, the giver and the chai wallah. His aromatherapy back ground has given him the knowledge and understanding of natural blends and food remedies to assist people on their path. His gentle nature will make you feel safe and right at home. He teaches yoga in a centered, safe and balanced way that is suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners to go deeper. 

The blend of natural beauty, movement & meditation are guaranteed to relax, restore & renew your body mind & soul. 

Guests who attend a retreat at Angala can also look forward to delicious gourmet conscious vegetarian meals, Gong and crystal bowl relaxation as well as Free time for adventure and exploration.

This 5 star Boutique Hotel provides you with all the tools to facilitate your journey and transformationWhether you’re drawn to pure, natural surroundings or you just need to get away from it all, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable experience.

Find out more about their upcoming retreats:

26 - 28 July | 23 - 25 August

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Tarryn James