Explore the 7 Chakra’s on a Full Time Yoga Teacher Training in Umzumbe

24 April 2019

Written by Tarryn James

Make your way through a tropical jungle on the wooden walkways of Mantis & Moon Backpacker's Lodge, in the heart of Umzumbe KwaZulu-Natal... there you will find hOHM Sanctuary nestled between banana & papaya trees. A truly magical space to embark on a 31 day intensive yoga teacher training. This stress-free environment will allow you to grow leaps & bounds in all areas. The serene and positive energy welcomes you with open arms as hOHM Yoga Sanctuary looks forward to hosting their first teacher training in May this year.

We sat down with Simmi Fink, yoga teacher training host and owner of hOHM Yoga to hear all about what you can expect on this upcoming training.


Simmi Fink has immersed herself in the practice of Yoga since completing her 500hr Chakra Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand in 2013. Upon returning to South Africa, she jumped straight into building & running her retreat centre in the fresh aired town of Umzumbe, KwaZulu Natal. Simmi has since hosted & collaborated on over 20 retreats & learned from many wonderful names in the international and South African Yoga industry.

hOHM Yoga Sanctuary is excited to host David Goulet, master yogi from Pyramid Yoga in Thailand; with over 45 years of experience, to South Africa to share his profound knowledge. “This is a dream come true!” says Simmi, excited to have her own guru co-lead this training at her studio. David began his yogic journey in 1970 in India and has since then travelled the world practicing and learning yoga. “When you hear this man talk, you stop and pay attention because what he says is profound.” says Simmi, going on to explain that Davids presence and energy alone is inspiring.

Attending a yoga teacher training is truly transformative, Simmi explains, “to get to know yourself, your strength & weaknesses, what makes you react, so that you can make better choices, and navigate this world and this life with mindful awareness.”

This teacher training will have a strong focus on the Chakra System; a systematic way of learning the philosophies, breathing, postures, anatomy and meditation techniques as well as how they correlated to each energy centre of the energetic body. The basic principles of the chakra system explained;


7. Sarasrara / Crown Chakra Consciousness itself. we gaze at mandalas to strengthen the mind's eye. Tap into deep aspect of walking the spiritual path.

6. Ajna Chakra/ Third Eye : We seek balance through self- analysis using the 4 directions of our minds. We learn meditation concentration techniques.

5. Vishuddha/ Throat Chakra: Ether-, we sing around the fire, learn mantras, including the seed & petal sounds for each Chakra, blasting away limiting beliefs & thoughts, to decipher our highest truth.

4. Anahata/ Heart Chakra: Learning to choose love vs fear, finding joy through compassion for all beings.

3. Manipura Chakra/ Solar Plexus: The centre of our power. we dive into the masculine energy of the sun, turn up the heat, take a look at our digestion & consciously connect with our food.

2. Swadhistana/ Sacral Chakra: Connecting to our sacred feminine, creativity & sexuality

1. Muladhara/ Root Chakra: building a steady foundation & grounding ourselves.


This approach to yoga allows you to explore the body on a physical level and then start to learn concepts of higher and higher energies. You then explore the other side of the spectrum; being deep states of meditation, cosmic bliss and pure consciousness. “We learn everything in between to set you on this path towards self actualisation.” says Simmi.

This teacher training will also have a strong focus on anatomy, correct alignment in postures, sequencing as well as thorough feedback to refine yourself as a yoga teacher.

“It is one thing learning anatomy, history, alignment and all the elements that make up a good yoga teachers training, but there is another thing really understanding and living it.” says Simmi, highlighting that this month long training will allow the students to fully immerse themselves in a yogic lifestyle of asana practice, self-enquiry, workshops, meditation and healthy food.

Simmi will be the lead teacher for the training, teaching the energetics around the chakras, mantras and pranayama. With her background in gymnastics & dancing, Simmi will also be leading the students through the physical asana practices, from child’s pose, to hand stands and everything in between. “It is the physical practice that brought me into yoga and the spiritual awakenings that have deepened my love for every single aspect of yoga.”


Simmi has brought together a wonderful teaching team:

  • Keri Miller from East Coast Radio breakfast show will be sharing her charismatic knowledge on sequencing & teaching yoga.

  • Kim Francis will be sharing the basics of Kundalini Yoga, including energy work.

  • Canadian born Kristin McKenzie, will be sharing about the heart Chakra, the centre of our body, generating compassion & gratitude.

Over and above this wonderful teaching team, students who attend this training will also be visiting Simmi’s local Swami weekly for meditation circles, discussion and spiritual teachigs.


“It is my intention to open your eyes to whole new spiritual world, where you can be supported on your journey through your teachers, and the people you have met through this training.” 


Simmi has always valued the opportunity to learn and takes strong responsibility in carrying on the lineage of her teacher’s profound knowledge “I have taken every opportunity I can to learn more, to practice more, to go deeper, to get back into that uplifted blissful state.”

 Those who attend this retreat can look forward to a whole month of immersive training. “We are mostly unconscious beings on autopilot.” says Simmi, “Doing the same thing day in, day out.” Only when the environment is changed, can we draw inspiration to begin to make new positive habits. The building of these positive practices allow you to release what no longer serves you in order to live a conscious and happy life. The benefits of attending this training at hOHM Yoga Sanctuary is that you will be given the opportunity to live in nature, have the ocean on your doorstep and practice in a welcoming studio space. These surroundings are a magnet for transformation.


“We all have to start somewhere” says Simmi, encouraging yoga practitioners of all levels to attend this training. ”As a personal growth strategy, this would really be an amazing opportunity, even if you did not necessarily want to teach yoga to people, but just for your own healing and spiritual development.”

“With the practices that we are teaching in this course, this automatically begins to change our outlook on life, and begins to generate feelings of compassion, of trust, and of love for all beings and naturally we learn the who, what were’s and why’s.” says Simmi

If you are interested in finding out more about this training or future trainings, click the links below: 

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