Equilibrium Retreat: a local sanctuary & yoga paradise.


Nestled in the lush forest of Hout Bay lies Equilibrium, a retreat sanctuary that was created with the aim to transform, purify and detoxify the mind, body and soul. As you walk through Equilibrium and feel the sacred earth beneath your feet, you can sense the energy that arises from such a magnificent environment. 


Equilibrium Retreat is situated on a meaningful piece of land, named Gaia Bhumi; the Goddess of all Earth. This name comes from the fact that the retreat space falls on such an abundant piece of property. There is richness in the soil that gives life to the fruits and vegetables that grow. There is lightness in the air as you surround yourself in an energising space. With the ocean and mountains in such close proximity, there are magnificent views from all corners of the sanctuary.

Equilibirum Retreat is unique in the fact that it offers so much more to both locals and internationals who are embarking on a transformational and spiritual journey. Over and above their weekly yoga classes, Equilibrium offers exclusive monthly yoga retreats and workshops.

“Our goal is to create a hub where people can come work during the day, practice yoga, get inspired, meditate and get involved on the property inside and outside.”


Services offered at Equilibrium:

- Body treatments (massage, acupuncture, cupping, ozone therapy)

- Yoga classes (chakra yoga, yin, sculpt, hatha, vinyasa, beginners),

- Meditation (vipassana one day sit)

- Holistic Treatments (psychic reading, card reading, reiki, crystal healing, sound healing)

- Yoga retreats | Detoxification retreats | Chakra Retreats

- Workshops

- Pool | Sauna | Sweat lodge 


The Equilibrium Retreat yoga studio offers a regular weekly schedule, of which their main focus is on Chakra Yoga. Each day of the week is dedicated to one of the 7 energetic centres that govern the body. Each Chakra corresponds to certain emotions, muscles, bones etc. During chakra yoga, you work with each part of the body separately, including meditation, visualization, sound mantra and hand mudra to unlock the full potential of that one area of the body. 

The teachers at Equilibrium Retreat are trained to work deeper than just the physical practice of Yoga. They focus on transforming their student's life so that they can achieve maximum state of health and well being.

"If you can heal your mind, you can heal your life" 


Equilibrium’s monthly workshops are held in sync with the moon cycles, with the year’s workshops and retreats set out in advance. Each month is focused towards a different energy which facilitates the theme for that month’s workshops and retreats. For example, the month of March is the energy 3, which means that it is a month of self-expression; creativity and communication. Therefore, the workshop for this month is a Sound Healing & Throat Chakra yoga combined. 

In May 2018, Equilibrium will launch their monthly retreats. Each yoga retreat is carefully thought out with specific themes to stimulate transformation. Some themes including detoxification and chakra retreats. With luxury bedrooms and en-suit bathrooms, students rooms and shared spaces; you are bound to feel completely welcomed and rejuvenated during your stay. 



Those who attend a retreat at Equilibrium can expect their day to start with meditation, followed by chakra yoga, delicious vegan meals, body & holistic treatments and outdoor activities such as horse riding, hiking, surfing etc. Each day ends with meditation. No supper is served as they promote fasting at night to be energised in the morning for the meditation.

“Our Space is really special and holds magic everywhere, inside and outside. We love meeting new people and are always open to get anyone involved so that we can make Equilibrium Retreat a space filled of talents, art and abundance!”

The future looks bright for Equilibrium as they strive to be known not only locally, but internationally too. With so much to offer, Equilibrium has the potential to be one of the most transformational retreat sanctuaries.

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Tarryn James