Reconnecting and Retreating at The Farmstead

Written by Tarryn James

14 October 2019


Over the last weekend I was reminded of a few things. Firstly, as yoga teachers, we need to retreat too. Secondly, connection is important. So is reconnection. And most importantly, some spaces are truly enriching, especially places like the Farmstead in Franschhoek. 

Community and Collaboration has always been a priority of mine at Yoga South Africa. When Warren from Farmstead reached out about their newly available retreat space, I jumped at the opportunity to get together with a wonderful group of teachers to experience a place where we could connect back to the peace of nature .


The anticipation of a weekend away brought a lot of excitement! As the day finally arrived, it was only a short hour drive that brought us to a tranquil farm encircled by a flowing river. Up and running for just over a year, it was evident from the moment we arrived that we were in for a special weekend. Our guests arrived over the course of a Friday as we began to learn more about each other, over cups of tea and enjoying the comfort around the open-plan family area of our shared cottage.

 Warren and Jules Squires have dedicated the last year to cultivating a space that expressed their vision of presenting an enriching space for all its visitors. A previous peach farm, the Squires family have taken a forgotten land with old farm cottages and rejuvenated them using reclaimed and farm-found objects so cleverly sewn together to create a farm stay luxe experience. 

Just as this journey healed the land, so does it heal those who step foot on this farm. The Farmstead prioritizes sustainable eco-living. They makes use of recycled water, solar power and fair trading.

What stood out to me was that both Warren and Jules practice yoga and have designed their space to be integrated with a yoga practice, making it the perfect getaway location for conscious, earth-loving individuals to enjoy a weekend away or yoga retreat .


 I woke to the sunrise peaking over the mountains on our first morning. Tea in hand, I was greeted by the gentle breeze of the Cape and the welcoming sounds of early birds greeting the day ahead. A river walk was on our agenda for the morning and as we left our running shoes aside, we welcomed the soft sand under our feet as we walked along the greenery, with scenic mountain views ahead. The rest of our weekend was filled with movement classes, delicious wholesome meals, numerology talks, time spent in the hammock outside, discussing aspects of our yoga practice and simply relaxing. As yoga teachers, movement practitioners and retreat hosts, we hardly ever take the opportunity to retreat ourselves. It was evident through our weekend away that this escape was just what a lot of us needed!

Our final evening was spent around the fireplace, admiring theFull Moon rising from behind the mountains. It was in that moment we shared an immense amount of gratitude for everything this weekend held. We left feeling rejuvenated and inspired.


The Farmstead has now opened their doors to yoga teachers or retreat hosts to share their space for any retreats or events. Click the links below to find out more.

Tarryn James