Gut Feelings Experience ~ with Emerge & Nourish'd

Written by Tarryn James

1 October 2019

Gut health is all the buzz at the moment, with kimchi and kombucha exploding all over Instagram (and kitchen counters) everywhere. The microbiome is probably the most talked-about biome in existence right now. And while it's super important to focus on the food-based aspects of our gut-health, our relationship with our tummy's often goes far deeper than the food on our plate.

Being someone who is always fascinated by holistic approaches to health, I was very much looking forward to an enlightening experience at a 3 hour Gut Feelings workshop with Emerge and Nourish’d in Cape Town this past weekend.


The most refreshing part about this workshop was the unique approach to which it aimed at unfolding this popular topic of “gut health”. I wont lie, as I was making my way to 196 Victoria in Woodstock, there was a small part of me that was dreading a possible “lecture” filled with scientific terms which would probably confuse me even more into this unrealistic view of “ideal health and diet”

Lucky for me, I was so thrilled when Yanna from Emerge started off with a welcoming circle where we were informed that the intention of this space was to cultivate a deeper connection to our own instinct (…our gut), as well as to focus on an experiential process! The workshop was created to facilitate a space where we could not have to intellectualise and think about this topic, but rather explore our internal knowledge.

We were welcomed into a yoga flow which included various digestive aiding postures such as malasana (yoga squats), twists and calming inversions such as bridge pose. The yoga practice also introduced movements such as lymph swings and lion breath to target various aspects of the body. The consistent theme of drawing inwards and becoming more in-tune with our own body was every present. As savasana drew to a close we were introduced to a creative clay process where Yanna facilitated us through bringing our abstract concepts into a more tangible form. We shared, connected and listened to each others personal stories of exploring our innate wisdom.


Yanna has been a facilitator since 2012, offering mindful movement and art processes across diverse settings. Although she holds an honours degree in Human Geography, she is also a qualified yoga teacher, Dance Awake facilitator and is alsocurrently enrolled in a 2-year postgraduate certification training in Mindfulness-Based Facilitation through the Faculty of Medicine at Stellenbosch University. Wow!

Yanna's work is inspired by her personal journey towards wholeness, which continues to be guided by her body's wisdom and creative capacity for healing.

Yanna teamed up with her dear friend Sam, from Nourish’d Cape Town. After overcoming a life-threatening illness a few years ago, Sam became extremely passionate about the power of food to heal our bodies, and the power of meditation, self-compassion and care to heal our minds and souls. Sam shared his own personal experiences of gut health, and with the rumbling of our tummy’s, began serving our delicious lunch.


On offer was the popular Nourish’d Moonshine Bowl which was not only super healthy, but vibrant and colourful too! Avocado, Turmeric hummus, Falafel and Kimchi, need I say more?

Paired with a (surprisingly) delicious Vegan Broth made with herbs, mushrooms, seaweed and vegetables to soothe, nourish and detoxify the body. I will admit, I definitely went back for more!

Instead of following our food with talks on what we should, or could be doing differently with our diet - we were encouraged to savour and enjoy every moment. Healthy eating is more than just what we eat. Yes, that plays its part - but rather HOW do we eat? how do we LISTEN to our body and as importantly, what do we FEEL when we eat?

It was so fascinating to be reminded about the internal intuition of our body in finding a healthy lifestyle.


As the 3 hours drew to a close, I was so grateful to have experienced something that was so uplifting and informative. If you are interested in finding out more about upcoming workshops wit Yanna, click here

Tarryn James