Hotpod Yoga Inflates in Cape Town

Hotpod Yoga, Europe’s largest yoga company pioneering ‘yoga for real life’ launches in Cape Town this September!

Hotpod Yoga is a studio offering classes that are grounded in reality and thus suitable for every body and every mind: ladies, gentlemen, beginners, seasoned professionals, young and old! All you need is yourself, a towel and a water bottle to enjoy the unique immersion that is a Hotpod Yoga class – an active and passive flow of postures in our other-worldly 20 person inflatable Pod – heated to 37 degrees to supercharge the yoga experience. Afterwards? Your mind will be a little calmer; your body a little looser, and yes – you’ll be a whole lot sweatier.

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Hotpod Yoga Cape Town Founder, André Hugo, was born in Cape Town, grew up in Pretoria and has lived in the UK and the Caribbean, but he’s always considered the Mother City his home! He’s a qualified Chartered Accountant but has always combined this rather sedentary profession with an active lifestyle. Enjoying and exploring a large variety of active pursuits led him to Hotpod Yoga. He’s not yet a qualified yoga teacher, but he’s partnered with yoga teacher Yazmine Horowitz and together they are bringing their combined business and yoga backgrounds to offer Cape Town the Hotpod Yoga experience.

Already established in over 40 locations around the world, Hotpod Yoga is seeking to encourage customers to adopt a ‘yoga designed for real life’, leaning away from today’s stereotype of bendy Instagram goddesses and green juice guzzlers. Instead customers are encouraged to adopt a yoga practice centred around their life; to stretch out the office hunch, release the cyclist’s hamstring, revive the partied-out festival-goer and realign the childbearing arm – to supercharge real life, whatever that may mean.

André’s experience echoes this sentiment, ‘My sister recently pointed out that I've consistently taken part in a wide variety of physical activities ever since she's known me. She's only known me since I was two! It often takes someone close to you to state something obvious and profound. I believe that movement and mobility are an essential part of a fulfilling life. And, more recently, I have come to realise that finding a space to breathe, focusthe mind and switch off from our busy lives is just as important. Hotpod Yoga combines all these elements and I’m excited to be able to share this with the lovely people of Cape Town.’

To celebrate their launch, Hotpod Yoga Cape Town will be offering a selection of complimentary taster classes on the 15th and 16th September. To book your free class, click HERE

From the 17th September, regular Hotpod Yoga Cape Town classes will be priced at R140 for a single class pass, R625 for a 5 class pass and R1,000 for a 10 class pass as well as R400 for a mini monthly membership (1 class per week) and R700 for an unlimited monthly membership. We also have a special introductory offer of R200 for unlimited classes for 10 days! All bookings must be made in advance online -


Want to know more about the pod?

Hotpod classes are held in a custom-created, inflatable pods. Dim-lighting, beautiful scents, and down-tempo beats create a cocoon-like environment for up to 20 yoga-goers.

The pods are heated to 37 degrees to help melt you deeper into your practice whilst being carefully and personally guided through a flow of active and passive postures to open the body, work the heart and calm the mind in equal measure.

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Max Henderson, co-founder of Hotpod Yoga, said of the venture, “We're really looking forward to launching in Cape Town. Amazingly, it'll be our 5th South African launch (with another around the corner as well). It's really exciting for us to see such a lot of love for our classes in the area - and we'll look forward to seeing full-to-the-brim classes here too!”

Fun Facts:

• We attend to the 99%, not just the 1%.

• We are not a bouncy castle. If you bounce on us, you’ll hurt yourself.

• We don’t pop up, we inflate.

• We only travel with our portable pods – our permanent pods are found at Hotpod homes around the world.

• We’re not Bikram – we like it more flowing, less regimented and in a much better smelling environment.

• We don’t like it as hot as Bikram – we’re only heated to 37 degrees, which means no headaches, no over- stretching, no dizziness, but equal sweat!

About the founders of Hotpod:

 Nick Higgins and Max Henderson - a former Schoolteacher and Management Consultant, founded Hotpod Yoga in 2013. They were not part of the 1% of ‘perfection chasers’ who regularly practiced yoga; they were of the other 99% who simply needed to clear their over-stimulated minds, work off their hangovers and open up their bodies after a hard day at work. Hotpod Yoga calls this ‘Real Life’. As part of their mission to offer a supercharged yoga experience,

Permanent Hotpod Homes can be found throughout the UK, South Africa, Netherlands, Germany, Portugal and Romania. Additional portable pods mean Hotpod Yoga can also inflate anywhere (most recently seen on the Austrian Ski Slopes, at Wilderness Music Festival and weekend trips across the UK) and boast the same great experience. Hotpod Yoga continues to inflate and expand both within the UK and internationally.

Tarryn James