Finding Personal Transformation on a Wild Training with Grace and Joy

30 September 2019

Written by Tarryn James

“I truly believe that this practice has the power to make the world a better place. It is an honour and a dream come true to share that.”- Jessyca Eve

We got in touch with international instructor Jessyca Eve to hear all about her journey to South Africa as well as what you can expect on her upcoming trainings.

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Jessyca found her way to yoga after experiencing health complications during a pregnancy which resulted in a traumatic miscarriage. A school teacher at the time, Jessyca’s first daughter was attending children’s yoga at the age of 3. She noticed the way in which yoga was benefiting her daughter and was drawn to the practice as a means for her own healing journey.

“Yoga is really something that grounded me but gave me some insight into the pain and suffering that a lot of people feel”

 Yoga solidified Jessyca’s desire and innate connection with other women, who have suffered womens health issues before. With her background as a dancer and professional ballerina, movement was already a big part of Jessyca’s life. “It wasn’t until I was about 32 that I really made the transition into yoga”

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“From my first yoga class, I decided I need to take the teacher training to know how to do this on my own,… so that I can be a teacher for myself” said Jessyca. Her career as an educator was the driving force behind completing her first teacher training in 2004.

 Although originally from the United States, Jessyca’s dance and career as a teacher led her to the United Kingdom, Cayman Islands, Costa Rica, Mexico, Ecuador and Sri Lanka. After meeting and partnering with a South African botanist and environmental educator, Jessyca has recolated to South Africa with her two daughters. Jessyca started offering trainings in 2007 and has since led 7 trainings all over the world. She is passionate about sharing her love of yoga and is excited to be hosting two teacher trainings in South Africa this year. These trainings are open to those who want to teach, as well as those who are interested in learning and creating a foundation for a self-practice. 

“I believe that the trainings that I curate and offer are unique in a variety of capacities” says Jessyca going on to explain that they focus on personal individual transformation. She incorporates a strong focus on practical theory; taking abstract concepts and they provide tangible frameworks to conceptualize that.


“My love of learning and my skills of scaffolding learning experiences in taking a group of learners and trying to map out the scope and sequence of how they are going to achieve a certain objective”

Jessyca will be teaming up with international guests teachers who will lead daily sound journeys, yoga, meditation and mantra’s. Trainings will incorporate the alchemy of sequencing, ayurvedic studies as well as exploration of the natural environments. With individual attention from these experiences, this training encourages personal time. 

In addition to yoga; Jessyca is a Reiki Master, offers Chakra Therapy, Crystal Healing, Plamstry, Tarot Readings, Aromatherapy and Ayurveda Nutritional Coaching. She is  also currently completing her doula training. 

Jessyca infuses Reiki onto the teacher trainings, either on a level 1 or 2. This gives students the opportunity to learn a bit about the energetic body. Reiki can be described a universal life force, or omnipresence, that can be used as a means to balance, nourish or align the energetic body

“I saw an increase in my confidence in my intuition. Feeling more empowered, feeling more grounded and more secure with my truest highest self”

 “I do believe that all the practices that I have engaged in really serve along to progress me on this yoga journey” says Jessyca emphasizing the key components of including various means 

Jessyca has put a lot of time and research into creating a training that is uniquely personal, but also something that provides a full holistic approach. “We work diligently and compassionately to hone individual voice” says Jessyca, empowering students to feel comfortable teaching and adjusting. Along with meeting the full Yoga Alliance requirements, these trainings are also laid out to guide trainees on a personal journey. 

In Tandweni, Jessyca will be teaming up with Nick Bredenkamp who is a game ranger, to create experiences with real and wild up close opportunities to explore medicinal and indigenous plants; connecting and giving back to conservation. Participants will be immersed in an experience that is intimate and transformative. 

Jessyca is currently based in Cape Town and is eager  to work and collaborate with teachers and studios in South Africa.


You can find out more about Jessyca’s upcoming trainings here:


Tarryn James