Dynamic duo, Lara and Bruce, present a Yoga Adventure in Greece!


Lara Roux and Bruce Chung are two extraordinary yoga instructors, each bringing together years of extensive training and experience. When they decided to join forces and collaborate on a yoga retreat, we knew something amazing was in store. We caught up with them to hear all about the magic of bringing their two worlds together.

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Lara, a Cape Town based yoga instructor, is renowned for her unique Yoga style which is largely influenced by her experiences in Forrest Yoga. Bruce, originally from Toronto, spent years traveling and teaching until he ended up in Cape Town. These two remarkable teachers just happened to meet in a very spontaneous way; in a yoga class, of course.

When Bruce arrived in South Africa, he knew this was a place he would make home. “From the moment I got here I felt connected to and embraced by the yoga community.” After years of traveling, Bruce explained how impressed he was with the quality of yoga in Cape Town. “The teachers are phenomenal and the yoga awareness is exponential. Bruce attended one of Lara’s classes at The Shala – Cape Town Yoga School. Although he initially felt intimidated, they immediately hit it off. It was not too long before they became good friends, in and outside of the yoga studio.

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Both having experience in hosting local and international yoga retreats, they started spit-balling ideas about the possibility of offering a retreat together.

Lara’s immediate thought: Greece.

Lara had lived in Greece before and lost her heart there. She always knew it would not be long before she was once again surrounded by the deep blue sea, the beautiful white architecture, the natural radiance and the ancient history.

 Although Bruce’s retreats have reached beautiful destinations such as Bali, Thailand, the Philippines, France, and Morocco, he wanted to offer something new and diverse. The idea of this unique retreat experience was something they both felt a connection to.



Amorgos Aegialis Hotel & Spa is the perfect destination for the most remarkable yoga retreat. As the only 5-star hotel in the Cyclades, this hotel offers luxury accommodation as well as exquisite views over the Aegean sea from not one, but all 5 of their yoga shalas. This space is the ideal location for you to connect deeply with your practice, and nourish your body, mind, and spirit.


Those who attend this retreat can look forward to two yoga classes daily, a yoga workshop and meditation sessions -all led by Lara and Bruce. Their goal is to introduce different styles and give the retreaters variety in their yoga practice. Lara and Bruce both bring their own personal flair to their teachings - allowing you to be challenged whilst refining your practice but at the same time, leaving you feeling completely relaxed and restored.

When you’re not doing yoga, you can spend your day using the spa facilities, snorkeling, hiking or simply just lying by the pool.

“I hope to bring the same excitement and love of the practice into that space.” Lara said as she went on to explain the therapeutic value of the Greek Islands, “The water is healing, the velocity of the light is phenomenal, the food is real. I feel the most alive and the most vitality when there – and I want to share that”

What is so special about this retreat for Bruce is that it is the coming together of two worlds. Since finding a home in Cape Town, he is looking forward to bringing together half of his students from South Africa and half from  international travels. “Seeing that come together is a dream come true.” Bruce says, as he went on to explain that it feels as if his life is starting to integrate.

Both Lara and Bruce’s focus is on creating an ultimate experience. This retreat offers something more than just the yoga, it creates a space for healing.


"People who attend retreats usually have a reason for it," Lara says, "They have consciously decided to put a marker in their life because something needs to shift or change." This yoga retreat offers that space, where there are no responsibilities or demands. Instead, there is a space where you can go inwards. Exactly that, '“Re-treat!”"

“Retreats help people slow down” Bruce added, as he went on to share his favourite part about retreats; watching people go through the transition of relaxing. “It is one of the most beautiful things to see how quickly the practice affects you.”



You could feel the energy and excitement as Lara and Bruce went on to share their passion for yoga, especially in the anticipation of this adventure. Their undeniable bond and mutual approach to this practice are what make them such a magnificent team. Although this is their first co-hosted retreat, this will not be the last time these two collaborate!


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