The importance of a mid-year reset; an in-depth look with Nadya Booyse


Towards the end of the year, we always seem to find ourselves in a tissy of year-end angst and stress. This year, pre-empt and prepare for the upcoming chaos by holistically resetting your whole system and reclaiming your balance. We got in touch with Nadya Booyse, yoga instructor and retreat host, to hear all about her upcoming retreat.

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Although always enthralled by the world of yoga and meditation, Nadya’s yoga journey only started in 2010 when she took her first instructed class. Four months later, she awoke one morning and informed her husband that she was going to do a yoga teacher training course. Since then, her life has taken a very synchronistic journey of finding a Teacher Training course to leaving her corporate job and starting a home based studio which flowed into the Lunula Yoga Studio.

“I have travelled a fair road with yoga,and where I am now is nowhere near where I started.”, Nadya says, explaining how she has learned so much along the way. In her journey, Nadya found that she had to change her mind about a whole host of things she thought she knew. "And all of this will change again in the future. All because we grow and change."

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“It is my purpose as a teacher to share my experiences and guide people along a path to find their own strength and light, to find their ‘comfortable seat’ (asana) amidst the chaos that is life.”


Nadya highlights that without an inner practice, we simply end up passing our pain baggage around. At some point, it is important that do the work to stop this cycle.


"Our work is to learn to navigate life, to be able to sit peacefully within the chaos and discomfort that it inevitably brings."



Towards the end of the year, Nadya started to notice how all her yoga students, and people in general, were starting to become more frazzled and irritated. She began to observe how they struggled to find a balance, allowing them to slowly lose their ‘me’ time. “This is the time during which people would need yoga the most, but find themselves unable to tend to this valuable asset as they scramble towards the envisioned finish line of December”. We all place to much emphasis on our holiday to release the tension, only to find that we roll right back into the swing of things once the year starts again.

Although Nadya has hosted several workshops as well as a one-day retreat, she began playing around with the idea of hosting a whole weekend retreat. Seeing the need to provide a space where people could re-treat and rejuvenate inspired Nadya to arrange her first retreat this June 2018.




The idea of the Mid-Year Reset retreat is 2-fold:

Firstly, to give students the usual benefit of relaxing and recentering, hopefully better preparing them for the rest of the year;

Secondly, to give students the tools to maintain this center amongst the chaos that the rest of the year will bring.


“We often wait for chaos to hit and then fluster around trying, but ultimately failing, to maintain some form of equilibrium. This retreat aims to both set the stage for harmony and balance, and then maintain what has been set.”




When she first started exploring the idea of a retreat several years ago, she started searching for a perfect venue. When she came across Melody Hill, she immediately fell in love with the space Sadly, she was unable to host a retreat at that time. Now that the timing is right, it was still the tranquil space of Melody Hill that stuck in her mind.

“It is a beautiful space set on the banks of the Magalies River within a pecan-nut orchard. The design is free flow country, which creates a tranquil, cosy and safe space to reset.”

Apart from the intimate space that has been created, Melody Hill has been the host for many retreats over the years, making them the perfect location for this mid-year reset. Being close enough to Pretoria and Johannesburg, makes it accessible for those who are looking for a place to escape to for a weekend.


When Nadya structured this retreat, she looked at everything that she had learned and accomplished over the years. “I began creating a retreat that would have benefitted me when I was still a high strung corporate employee”

“I wanted to create a retreat that would not just be the usual mini yoga holiday that everyone needs at some point during the year; I wanted to create a retreat that would nourish my students, but also give them something to sustain what they have attained during the retreat.”

Attendees of this retreat can look forward to various forms of yoga including sunrise, sunset, yin and hatha core. Other highlights include tips and tools for adding yoga effectively into their daily lives as well as practical yoga and meditation skills. Nadya will also be incorporating a gentle introduction to Budokon Yoga and the pillars of Budokon; some movement play sessions where we will explore really listening and connecting to our bodies and moving efficiently according to our energy.

At the end of this retreat, you will have the tools to integrate yoga into your daily life with ease, in order to help you navigate your life. No matter what it may bring.

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Nadya looks forward to hosting more retreats this year including a Spring Clean September retreat, which will be a continuation of the adding, sustaining and retaining of yoga in our daily lives. This September retreat will have an additional theme of clearing out what no longer serves us as we head off towards another New Year.

Nadya is also planning a few more exciting retreats for 2019!

“Everything changes." says Nadya, "This is the truth of the Universe. Our only option is to grow and adapt alongside it, living authentically and with clarity, all the while planting seeds whether we will see them grown or not. There is work to be done. It will be hard, but it will be worth it"

Tarryn James