Exploring Greece on a Mindful Movement Yoga Retreat


Your phone flashes. Another request. Another to-do. The car needs petrol, the kids need breakfast and you were meant to clean the house last week. It’s been forever since you’ve had a moment to yourself and you’re feeling it. Sore back, stiff neck and that lingering sense of guilt. You know you should be looking after yourself but there’s never enough time. Instead, you start to imagine the endless blue of the mediterranean ocean, the beautiful white architecture, the organic food and abundance of radiance.

We got in touch with Anastasia Dellis, Ballito-based yoga instructor and owner of The Mindful Movement to hear all about her journey of mindfulness and what you can expect on her exciting retreats in Greece 2019.


Anastasia started her yoga journey in Cape Town, in 2011 and was instantaneously hooked. At that stage, she was hitting the nine-to-five grind in the corporate world when her life hit an all time low. It was during a corporate team-building event when she literally stumbled onto a yoga mat. She immediately started to experience the powerful healing (mental, emotional and physical) benefits of yoga. After a traumatic experience of losing her father, she turned to her practice and was able to find healing and growth through her time spent on her mat.

She completed her 200hr Teacher Training Course and "Yoga for Little Bodies" in 2011 and furthered her practice through an Advanced Teacher Training course with Ana Forrest. Additionally, she has been certified in mindfulness mediation courses, including Transcendental Meditation. It was only in 2017 that she resigned from the corporate world, to focus on her passion of sharing yoga, meditation and mindfulness with others.



Tash began investing her effort into her own intiative called The Mindful Movement, which represents a community of conscious humans striving to live mindfully.

“The Mindful Movement was born out of my belief that everyone can benefit from the healing power of yoga”. says Tash, going on to explain she she is a strong advocate for a mindful practice, constantly teaching her students how to be completely present. Through the practice of mindfulness, we are able to be in complete awareness of our movement, breath or thoughts.

“Whatever journey or stage of life you are in, you can practice yoga” says Tash, highlighting that her goal for The Mindful Movement is to make yoga accessible to everyone.

"I believe and encourage my students to live their best lives through a healthy, mindful yoga practice and lifestyle. The mind-body-soul connection teaches us how to live a soul expansive life, filled with growth on and off the yoga mat.


As a child, Tash often spent her holidays visiting Greece with her family. “It is a really special place for me” says Tash explaining that the time spent in Greece is always a way for her to connect to her father and heritage. Her childhood dream of hosting people in a place that is so close to her heart has become a reality.

This natural evolution of hosting a yoga retreat became an evident way for Tash to share her passion for yoga and mindfulness as well as the healing powers of the Ancient Greeks. Through her years of exploring Greece, she has made a point of visiting a different island each time. Tash visited Milos for the first time in this year and fell in love. “It is one of the most beautiful islands I have ever visited.” explaining that it made sense that this would be the next location for her retreat.

The Ancient Greeks are no strangers when it comes to connecting with ones “MIND BODY and SOUL”. In fact, philosophers like Hippocrates and Plato (who combined naturalistic knowledge with ancient science and philosophy) are among the first to explore this concept. So I have always felt compelled to share the powerful healing energy of merging these two ancient worlds, Greece and Yoga into one.  



Tash will be hosting two Mindful Movement Greek Retreats in 2019. After a fully booked retreat in June, she is excited to announce a second in September. Guests who attend this retreat can expect this week-long experience to be the perfect way to immerse yourself in your yoga and wellness journey. The opportunity to experience new things and attend to yourself allows you to ultimately experience growth and transformation.

The retreat will be hosted at a family run boutique hotel in Milos, a volcanic island, known for its diverse beaches, Cycladic architecture, and relaxed/ unspoilt atmosphere in The Aegean Sea. Those who attend this retreat can look forward to daily yoga and meditation, day trip to Kleftiko caves, a lot of beach time and exploring as well as free time to relax and restore.


“I love connecting with humans and teaching yoga. I love growing The Mindful Movement community” says Tash, explaining that her favourite part of any retreat is the ability to connect with link-minded people

One of Tash’s testimonials from her 2018 retreat read, "The amazing realisation of "togetherness" with other women - realising that at the end of the day, regardless of how big or small the issues that we face in our own lives are, what ties us all together is the really big need for more SELF-LOVE and self-acceptance.”

“Tash believes in the power of intent and sets out an intention of peace, self care and LOVE when curating her retreats. The Mindful Movement Greek Island Retreat provides you with exactly that. Giving you the opportunity to find peace through rest, self care tools and more love for yourself, others and life as you expand your knowledge on yoga, meditation and mindfulness.”



If you’re curious about yoga, looking to go deeper or simply craving some me-time, this is the perfect escape for you. Tash looks forward to hosting many more retreats, both locally and internationally.

Find out more about Tash’s upcoming retreats:

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