Revive and Thrive: A full immersion experience in Bali!

Imagine a secret waterfall trek, consulting with a Balinese healer or priest, witnessing bits of Balinese culture and participating in local customs and rituals. Imagine a yoga practice in a beautiful bamboo shala overlooking the fields of Bali. This is just a taste of what you can expect on The Yoga Creative’s Bali retreat in June this year. We got in touch with Mandy Wu, Yoga instructor and retreat host, to hear all about what you can expect on their upcoming retreat!


Mandy’s yoga journey started almost ten years ago when she started seeking answers to gain closure from her Grandmother's death. She was also looking for more concrete tools to heal her own personal challenges. As a psychology student, she always found herself coming back to yoga over the years. Not only did she find her yoga practice, but also came across Reiki and Crystal Healing.

“I have always been quite intuitive and needed a physical understanding of the body which is what brought me to pursuing yoga to add to reiki, crystals and angel cards” says Mandy, going on to explain that she initially became a yoga teacher to explore the practice more intimately. Fascinated by the mind-body connection, Mandy’s passion grew as she began exploring the ideas of sharing this passion with others.

In 2018, she founded The Yoga Creative, a collaborative platform for people, ideas and products  in favour of health and wellness and contributing toward creating a kinder, more conscious world.  The aim is to pursue this objective through yoga, energy healing modalities, movement, nutrition, art and projects with creative collaborations.


The core of Mandy’s passion lies is people, wellness and mental health. ”Conventional medical models separate the mind and body” says Mandy, whereas traditional systems of healing and wellness recognise the individual and psyche as a puzzle that needs to be solved more holistically.  The Yoga Creative serves as a collective space where all types of people can find tools, partnerships or skills to accompany them on their way to chasing their potential and their passion - whatever that may be.  The Yoga Creative is intended as a platform for like-minded people and practitioners to connect and work together on their path to healing.

In June this year, Mandy looks forward to taking her ventures to Bali for her Revive and Thrive Retreat : A Journey Through Wellness for Inspired Living. She will be teaming up with Colorado-based yoga instructor, Carlye Cole, to take you to a space where local customs and rituals have blended with the traditions of yoga creating a home that everybody can come to to deepen their practice. 


Mandy and Carlye met while working for the same company in Taiwan. Although they both moved away, they reconnected in India where Carlye completed her advanced yoga training. “Her strength is in her advanced knowledge of asana” says Mandy, “and mine in the healing realm. Together we balance each other out by combining our knowledge of the physical, mental and emotional.”

When asked what drew her to Bali, Mandy responded; “Bali is an interesting hub of activity centered around yoga, body work and various forms of alternative therapy popular to the east.” As an island that embraces the diversity of visitors that land on their shores, they have managed to welcome people and practitioners from all walks of life and offer a space where one can feel the sacred worshipping of mother nature which is tied deeply to spiritual and religious practice. Between the ancient volcanoes, lush ricefields and temples this is the perfect place to retreat and reflect and to explore the possibilities of the personal journey whatever space that may represent for each individual.



The Revive and Thrive Retreat will be held at The Floating leaf, an eco-luxury guesthouse which allows guests to feel connected to nature, cultivating an appreciation for our natural surroundings. This is evident in the bamboo structure and the open air shala with views over the neighbouring ricefields. Their farm-to-table approach ensures that all ingredients are picked from their gardens, guaranteeing only the freshest meals. They also have a spa on site where guests will learn about herbs that will be used in the retreat treatments. 

The owner of The Floating Leaf has wholeheartedly integrated his establishment into the community and set the precedent for giving back by offering charity hikes to guests where locals are reimbursed for showing their home to guests on guided tours.  They also include visits to local artisan craft markets on retreats where we're offered the chance to meet and support local craftsmen. 

If there was any way to extend mindfulness beyond the yoga mat the Floating Leaf team have your back all the way. 


Most retreats focus on asana, meditation and relaxing. Whilst Mandy and Carlye want this to be a relaxing getaway, they feel that, too often, retreats don't address other elements that might help make living wellness more sustainable. Guests can look forward to an array of workshops which will set participants on a path of exploring new avenues and techniques or things that work for them.  They’re also offering personal consultations and assessments with participants before and after the retreat in the hopes of making this a more intimate experience.

In addition to the element of traveling to a new country the retreat is a mini teacher training of sorts with short little workshops (reiki, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine) giving participants a glimpse into the world of yoga beyond asana.

This retreat brings a full holistic approach that will leave you feeling completely revived!

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Tarryn James