A Secret Sanctuary in the heart of Cape Town


It was not even a year ago, when I was still living in Pretoria, that I came across an Instagram post by Hello Happiest. At that time I was urging for a getaway, an escape.... a retreat! There it was, the perfect retreat RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. Yet, also 1500km away!

As soon as I moved to Cape Town, I knew that this retreat would be the top of my list of "Things To Do". Little did I know that the beautiful face behind "Hello Happiest", Christi Wasserman, would soon become a good friend of mine. With an Almond Milk cappuccino at Knead, we chatted about yoga, health and all the wonderful things that come with it.


Christi's blog, Hello Happiest, is all about providing and spreading bliss through yoga, wellness programs and retreats. In 2015, Christi was getting to a stage where she was completely burnt out & searching for happiness in all the wrong place. After hearing the words "You only need to do that which makes you feel good." from her best friend, she was immediately inspired. This all led to all the amazing things she is now offering in Cape Town.

As the cappuccinos started to run low, we had spoke about Sanctuary Saturdays, an initiative created by Christi herself.

For those who haven't had the opportunity to experience the wonder that is a Sanctuary Saturday; imagine a place where you can escape to, to reboot; rejuvenate & revive. Each Sanctuary extends its own unique touch ranging from clean eating, self care, stress less all the way through to sleep & meditatio. If this hasn't got you hooked; the day includes a yoga class, a mouth watering breakfast, an informative workshop about health and wellness.... and all of this with a beautiful view!

It is no doubt that I had the biggest smile on my face as I woke up on the morning of the day that I would finally be able to attend this retreat. I walked into the Sunset Villa to be welcomed by a green juice and a whole bunch of excited faces. A variety of faces; some old, some young, all having their own stories and backgrounds, all from various parts of Cape Town... but all here for one reason; to experience a wonderful journey together. After our yoga class, we were treated to a feast of a breakfast. Think: fresh, flavourful and healthy... simply DELICIOUS! Not a single one of us knew each other, but there we were, chatting away over a cup of tea... or mimosa!


The greatest thing about these retreats is that each Sanctuary offers a unique approach; a lesson, an intention, a focus. I attended the "Metamorphosis" Sanctuary and felt an immense amount of growth in the few hours I spent surrounded by such inspiring beings. That is what I loved about it the most; the opportunity to get away and connect with empowering people in such an amazing way. As I walked out of the Villa I couldn't help but take a deep breathe, and sigh. A slight smile started to bring its way onto my face and into my heart. As I drove away I knew I had a new experience, a new memory that I would always value so deeply.


As I sit and reflect on that day, it makes me realise how grateful I am for this wonderful thing that we call yoga. The ability to come together as a community and share our passions, in a way that nourishes the body, mind and soul. To anyone who ever finds themselves in Cape Town, I would highly suggest getting in contact with Christi.  If you feel like you need a pamper, a laugh, a boost or simply an escape, this is the perfect event for you.



To those who would like to experience this wonderful retreat, connect with Christi HERE

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