The Space Where We Meet: National Workshop Tour with Dave Gardner


“We all hold, share and create space - whether we are conscious of it or not”

This is the intention of Dave Gardner’s upcoming South Africa tour of movement workshops. When given the opportunity to explore and develop clarity, as well as lessen the distraction… we can then hold space and expand the awareness of ourselves. We got in touch with Dave to hear all about creating space and what you can expect on his tour this year!

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After finishing school, Dave started training in Muay Thai, where his teacher would often share mantras and meditations with him. This was when Dave’s process of yogic philosophy and asana practices began. His first exposure to yoga was in the style of Ashtanga, after which he dove straight into various styles of practice. Dave’s enquiry into movement led him to study with Jim Harrington and Simon Borg-Olivier of Yoga Synergy, to which he was able to travel while learning. He then met Cameron Shayne and was introduced to the style of Budokon; a synthesis of yoga, martial arts, calisthenics and animal locomotion. Most recently Dave has been working with dancers to collaborate on various movement styles.

Dave started hosting workshops in 2013 when he noticed that people always had more questions after yoga classes. These questions often led to exploration and sharing of ideas. Coming from a strong workshop-based learning experience, Dave was naturally drawn to this workshop environment. He knew that he wanted to create an atmosphere that would not only facilitate discussion but also allow practitioners to ask questions and reconnect with mind and body.

Almost 6 years later, Dave is looking forward to his year-end South African tour where he will be hosting workshops in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg. “This tour will be the first time I am sharing my own practice rather than a specific method or system.” says Dave, explaining that the workshops incorporate a variety of different movement styles.

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“The purpose of these workshops are to minimize the noise of the mind and body and harnessing our awareness we experience the space that we hold.

“With basic tools of observation of our bodies and the environment we are able to harness our intuition and direct ourselves into the path we choose, the space that we create. Once we have felt the space we hold, and directed the space that we create, we then get to interact with others and the environment and share honest discussion, cultivating the ability to listen & engage in the conversation that is always occurirng in the space where we meet.”

Those that attend these workshops can expect a strong focus on clarity; as a process and not as a product. You will explore how to ground, neutralize the mind and body to be aware of the distractions as well as to harness the tools to let them go and be clear.



The movement incorporated in these workshops will range from subtle body awareness, the moving of energy and information within the body by becoming aware of the movement of the breath, nerve impulses, deep internal joint function, the conversation we have with gravity, pressure & momentum and how this dictates the structure of our bodies, we will explore these functions in order to move formlessly.  Forms will then be introduced to challenge your ability to adapt and flow - and to have fun! Dave draws from his experience in numerous practices, varied forms of yoga, Martial Arts, Locomotion & Acrobatics, partnering and play!

“I don't see myself as a teacher. I don't see students. I feel firstly that we are all humans, and that we are all researchers.” says Dave, explaining that research is a concept that he has been introduced to recently by the dance & movement community. “It is incredibly liberating”.

“To feel that we are all in this together, to learn, share and communicate without wrong or right or any set way or path - with the common agreement of growth and expansion.”


When asked what he was looking forward to most about these workshop, Dave highlighted “the ability to connect with people from all over this magnificent country!” Each space and person is so unique, resulting in each workshop going its own way which allows for distinctive lessons within the process.

“Each studio has its own vibe due to the people there and what they practice.” says Dave, going on to explain that the beauty is that the work he is sharing is all about that space where we all meet.

“We all come from different backgrounds and experiences, but there is an agreement that we are here to learn and have made the conscious choice of growing. This requires us to both honour and potentially let go of layers of conditioning that may be distracting us from us being.”

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These workshops are open to anyone & everyone! “If you can breathe and move then come experience yourself!” says Dave, “come and experience for yourself!”

There will be 3 workshops at each studio, The Space You Hold (Friday), The Space You Create (Saturday) and The Space Where We Meet (Sunday). On the first night, you can expect to explore simple tools to harness the senses, ground with the breath, dissolve tension, listen to the environment. On Saturday you will reveal observable movements of the body. Lastly, on Sunday, will explore our capacity to listen, to ignite and follow a moving pathway

All workshops have limited space, so ensure you book!

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ReUnion - 9-11 Nov

Wild Thing - 16-18 Nov


Living Yoga - 23-25 Nov


House of Calm - 30 Nov - 2 Dec

The Astanga Studio - 7-9 Dec


To connect with Dave, click here | Read more about Dave HERE

Watch this video to get a sneak peak into what you can expect on these workshops:


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