Powerful Healing: Experience a Dolphin & Yoga Retreat with Debbie Caknis

It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the beautiful healing power that comes from interacting and swimming with wild dolphins in their natural environment. When that experience is combined with a yoga retreat, it is the perfect opportunity to balance yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We got in touch with Debbie Caknis, Yoga instructor and animal communicator to hear all about her upcoming Wild Dolphin, Scuba and Yoga retreat!

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Debbie Caknis is a qualified nurse and midwife. After 27 years of nursing, specialising in the care of ill and premature babies, as well as nursing management, she began to explore alternative healing modalities. Her knowledge of nursing has aided her and allowed her to recognize the value of modern medicine and use her knowledge to compliment the care of humans and animals.  

Debbie has studied a variety of modalities and is now qualified as a Reiki Master. She has a diploma in Metaphysics and also qualified in Quantum Touch®, Biochemical Medicine, Kinesiology, Crystal Healing, Hypnotherapy, Kundalini Yoga, Animal Communication, Shamanic Practice and Corporate Mentoring.


Debbie began practicing yoga when she was 10 years old. It was only when she was introduced to the style of Kundalini yoga, that she experienced an emotional realisation through her practice.  “It was a matter of me really being home”, Debbie said, as she went on to explain the number of benefits yoga brings in to our lives. 

Debbie was approached to collaborate on hosting Dolphin retreats. Since Debbie's expertise included animal communication and the treatment of animals energetically, the idea seemed organic to her. With her background in yoga, she decided to combine the two on a holistic healing and restorative retreat, Thus, the idea of the Wild Dolphin & Yoga Retreats were born, Nearly 10 years later, Debbie continues to host 2-4 retreats a year, all in Ponta Do Ouro in Mozambique.


"I am happy to say that over the years I have been able to assist many humans and animals to return back to good health, well being and experience true bliss in their lives." - Debbie

This retreat includes a balance of swimming with dolphins, art therapy, kundalini yoga, reiki, crystal healing, kinesiology and more. In your free time, guests are free to explore the culture of Mozambique; shopping at the local stalls, massages on the beach and sundowners at the local beach bars. These retreats are the perfect balance of deep personal healing and light-hearted fun.

“The retreat is physical on its own” said Debbie, explaining that the combination of swimming and exploring can be physically demanding. However, those who are not as physically fit are welcome to join the experience. “I sometimes have people that have health issues” says Debbie, explaining that all are accommodated for. Understanding that not everyone is experienced in Kundalini yoga, Debbie incorporates very gentle sequences that are suitable for all levels. 


Research shows extensive benefits of interacting with dolphins, such as increased longevity as well as calming effects and the experience of powerful emotions associated with the connection with nature.

"Being in that water with those dolphins is so humbling" says Debbie, "that emotion just stays with one". The opportunity to have the dolphins allow you in to their space and share their energy is an unbelievable experience.

The benefits of dolphin interaction are very similar to that which guests will experience in their yoga classes. “All of the changes of the body creating a raise in the kundalini energy – which is the pathway of consciousness” says Debbie, going on to explain that there is a definite change in awareness after attending this retreat.


Advice from a dolphin: Have a playful spirit. Be curious. Find someone you really click with. Sound out new ideas. Glide through the day with ease. Find your life’s porpoise. Consider the flip side!” - Ilan Shamir

"None of the activities are compulsory" says Debbie, explaining that this retreat gives guests their own sense of freedom. She only requests that all guests attend the opening and closing ceremony as well as understand the code of conduct to swim with the dolphins. Over and above the variety of experiences that are offered on the retreat, there are additional offerings available which are not included in the retreat. "There is enough free time for people who are qualified in scuba to explore that". says Debbie, even though it is not a prerequisite.

“We live in a world of being human doings and not human beings” says Debbie, "We all need time out in order to connect with ourselves." Guests are given the opportunity for introspection.

"The body wants to move but also just to connect and be in a relaxed state. It’s a balance – yes it’s a yoga retreat, but you can still have your glass of wine at dinner and be yourself. It is very free for people to be themselves with no restrictions"


“I see the joy that people experience” says Debbie, as she went on to explain that it is the healing that guests experience that inspire her to continue offering the retreats . 

The experience that Debbie is offering is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for you to explore a variety of healing and holistic practices. To find out more about Debbie's upcoming retreats, click the links below:

Wild Dolphin, Scuba & Yoga Retreat,  10-15 August | 12-17 October

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