Yogazone Celebrates 18 years in the Mother City

Written by Tarryn James

17 August 2019

Yogazone, one of Cape Town’s original studios is celebrating 18 years of yoga in 2019! Since relocating to a modern two-roomed studio at Kloof Lifestyle centre in 2017, Yogazone maintains its accessibility to all practitioners. I sat down with Fulvio Grandin, studio owner and lead teacher, to learn more about their studio as well as what you can expect on their upcoming workshops and trainings.


The inspiration for opening Yogazone came from the desire to have a dedicated yoga centre in Cape Town - as in 2001 there weren’t many available. Fast forward to 2019, Yogazone maintains its aim to run their studio in a way that would appeal and inspire a broad spectrum of people to start and continue practicing yoga.

The core value of Yogazone is to keep the tradition of yoga, while making it appropriate for the modern practitioner. “Its a studio where people will learn through their practice” says Fulvio, explaining that the practice of yoga is continuous. Through our own practice, we begin to learn the nuances of our own bodies. “I believe that complicated yoga asana are not necessary to develop a yoga practice. It’s the simple repetition of fundamental postures.”

Fulvio was brought to his mat as a means of constructive management for a chronic spinal condition. As a yoga teacher and studio owner, his biggest motivation comes from his fellow teachers and colleagues. “We really feel like we are all part of a family” says Fulvio, going on to explain that all decision making is made as a team. “It inspires me every day”


 “At Yogazone, there has been a consistency in our thinking, our philosophy and our mission.

There is always a thread about the open hearted, accessibility and simplicity of yoga.”


Yogazone offers a variety of heated and non-heated classes in the styles of Ashtanga (Mysore), Bikram, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga as well as Pre- and Post-Natal yoga.  

Fulvio’s teaching team brings together instructors of high experience and speciality in their various styles. The teachers will encourage you to remain curious, playful and adventurous. I was fortunate to practice a heated vinyasa class with Katy Williams after my interview with Fulvio. What stood out for me was Katy’s conscious and detailed approach to Vinyasa - which encouraged me to maintain connection to my breath, stay present in my physical body as well as follow a sequencing that was carefully crafted for this class. With the perfect pace, I let the class feeling inspired and rejuvenated.

Over and above their weekly yoga schedule, Yogazone offers regular workshops that are aimed at broadening each practitioners perspective of the yoga practice. At least once a month, there is a specialised workshop focused on various elements such as Trantra Yoga, Beginners Workshops, Vinyasa Foundations, Restorative Yoga and many more.


 “A big component of our work this year is our teacher training” says Fulvio, “Our teaching and training is informed and inspired by the thousands of years of yoga tradition (tried, tested and refined) and by the extensive resources, knowledge and community we have in our contemporary world.”

Their next course running in October 2019, is a course with a long reach from ancient knowledge to modern application and practice.The teaching team is comprised of Yoga Zone senior teachers with decades of experience, doctors, scholars, body therapists and other experts. The majority of the program will be conducted at the Yoga Zone studio, between their 2 yoga rooms, but will also include study at Ananda Kutir Ashrama and other yoga institutions throughout the month. There are only 12 to 15 places available on their trainings to ensure a personal and in-depth work and in order to best deliver what is most enriching and inspiring for all.

“Although traditionally it’s called a training – we understand and prefer to call it a monthly yoga immersion.” says Fulvio, explaining that their training is also open to practitioners looking to grow in their own personal development.

“Our intention is the same – to be focused, to remain connected and mindful of the practice in a way that is fitting to us.” says Fulvio

Tarryn James