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CPT: The Science of Life, Ayurveda

  • Namaste Lifestyles Cape Town (map)

An interactive educational workshop in the subject of Ayurveda. Understanding the introductory principles as a foundation to integrate into our daily lives. Learning how to best manage ourselves on a day to day basis and becoming our own doctor. Looking at man as a microcosm and exploring the Elements and the tastes which create the chemical responses in our body. Come to be fascinated by your own beautiful body!

Join Stacey Leigh Hodgson for this full day workshop. Come to delve a little deeper into embracing a more intimate relationship with your biology, your cells, your functioning and how to become your own healer and self carer with these transformative Practical Lifestyle tools.

You will be empowered with information on :
~ Introduction to Ayurveda
~ The Five Elements ~ Man as a Microcosm
~ Discovering your Dosha
~ Human Constitution
~ How to keep yourself in Balance
~ Lifestyle and Routine

Your day will include :

✓ Ayurveda Yoga Flow
✓ Ayurvedic Meal and Snacks
✓ Interactive Educational Workshop ✓ A magical Sound Journey
✓ Take Home Notes on Ayurveda

Limited space is available so please check your calendars and connect soon 📆

***Cost - R850***

For bookings contact

There is ONE space in this workshop that will go to ONE lucky person! View Facebook Event for details


About your host:

An organic woman purveying and adapting ancient practices into modern methods.

"I chose to follow a non institutional 'tertiary' educational path of learning and gaining my 'degree'." Growing up, no text book or person could satisfy Stacey Leigh's quest for knowledge and wisdom. The only other choice was to embrace life with full force of experiences and absorption of intelligence which created a conscious awareness upon her own actions and physical biofeedback. She observed herself at a micro and macro level and with a higher perspective to attempt to understand the philosophy of creation, evolution, consciousness and mindfulness. She did this all through travel and exploration of culture, anthropology, body sciences and yoga, food sciences, the healing arts and Ayurveda.

"Eastern philosophy has always been my focal point. Everything developed and grew from there. Everything. I believe that this vital choice and the opportunities it represented was my scripture into understanding myself - on a physical, mental and emotional and metaphysical level."  Once we understand, we can practice. Once we practice, we can master. Once we master, we can teach. Once we teach, we can begin to learn again … and so the cycle continues … and so the process of transformation and evolution occurs. Over and over and over again. And then again.