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CPT: YoGirls: Yoga for Teens Workshops

YoGirls runs workshops and programmes, combining yoga, mindfulness and creativity, designed to teach teenage girls important skills to help them navigate these difficult years.


Yoga & Clay Workshop (Exploring Anxiety & Fear)

23 September 11:00-15:00

The modern world is plagued with anxiety and fear. Vulnerable youth are especially needing to be better equipped with skills to cope and, unfortunately, this is often not being taught at school. Life is not as straightforward as it was 30 odd years ago, as the younger generations are having to deal with the qualms of not only real life, but life on the screen too. Using yoga, expressive movement, clay modelling and supportive reflection, girls will have the opportunity to safely explore these difficult emotions. The goal is for girls to walk away confidently with tools to self-regulate.

Yoga & Writing Workshop (Exploring Anger & Trust)

25 September 11:00-15:00

Anger is a perfectly normal, acceptable human response. Because of behaviours associated with these emotions, they are so often mislabeled as “bad” or “wrong”. When we decide that an emotion is unacceptable, we try to hide it away or ignore it. This can later resurface as a more complex emotional response (such as depression, anxiety, self-harm for example). Using yoga, expressive movement, writing and supportive reflection, girls will have the opportunity to safely explore these emotions as well as nurture a sense of trust in themselves.

Yoga & Colour Workshop (Exploring Belonging & Authenticity)

27 September 11:00-15:00

Finding one’s place in the world can be a life-long journey. Just as, in yoga, you would need to build sufficient strength before attempting a handstand, this personal journey should begin by looking inwards before looking outwards. The sooner you start, the better. Society needs to nurture more confident, headstrong future leaders and we will not get there using Mathematics and Geography alone! Using yoga, expressive movement, painting, colouring and supportive reflection, girls will have the opportunity to safely explore the parts of themselves that they wish to develop further and confidently share with the world.

Cost: R500 per workshop (or R1250 for all 3) - Lunch and art supplies included! :)

For more information and bookings, contact Kylie on 0609603755

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CPT: YoGirls: Yoga for Teens Workshops