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David Regelin Vinyasa Workshop - Centering Skills

  • The Hot Yoga Studio Stellenbosch (map)

First time in South Africa: David Regelin, internationally renowned vinyasa teacher, will be visiting Stellenbosch for two workshops exclusive to The Hot Yoga Studio. On Saturday the theme will be Centering Skills in Yoga, on Sunday the focus is Skillful Vinyasa. Book for both or just one.


Locate Your Center, and Relate to Your Circumference

All yoga talk aside, we all have an innate understanding that there is a link between our posture and our psychology in that we all respond to one another's body language, more or less consciously, more or less compassionately. This works both ways. We may also influence how we feel by altering how we posture ourselves, and recent findings in neuroscience validate this. Since yoga postures are revelatory and dynamic examples of our everyday posture, they offer a range of opportunities to self-adjust. In this way, among others, yoga asana can be seen as a necessary preliminary to meditation practice.

The goal of this class is to learn self-adjusting techniques that can facilitate well-adjusted posture and perspective. Simple concepts that describe how the body fits together will be made clear within the context of a sequential asana practice. The goal is to develop the skill to self-adjust.


Embody What You Imagine

Develop a graceful and safe yoga asana practice by learning how to connect what you visualize with your actual practice.

This vinyasa class strings together both classical and modern postural adaptations into a complete practice. The main idea is to develop a ‘skillful in means’ or ‘effortless effort’ practice where the many small efforts made to pay attention to seemingly small details, lightens the overall effort required to practice and holds the mind in a peaceful and focused state.

Learn to:

-Mentally “trace” the outer form of your postures to build proprioception.

-Improve spatial awareness by extending lines from your body in the direction in which you intend to move.

-Visualize the shapes you intend to become in order to foresee how one posture complements another, and how an advanced understanding of basic postures makes advanced postures feel basic.

R590 per workshop

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