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Pelvic Awareness Workshops

  • Kula Yoga Space 73 Beacon Way Plettenberg Bay, WC, 6600 South Africa (map)

The way we use the pelvic floor is strongly linked to the quality of our movement and functioning, posture, balance, quality of breathing, voice and expression, sex... our attitude to life. Doing an exercise routine to ‘loosen hips’ and connect to deep core awareness is rapidly enhanced when you know what you are looking/feeling for. If the pelvic muscles are tight, feeling is mostly non-existent on a sensual or sexual level.  We can say we are numb to ‘life’.

This workshop is to explore the pelvis. We’ll learn simple self-healing techniques that you can use in your everyday life to bring new awareness to your whole Self. Usually this combination of healing techniques uncovers emotional wounds that are ready for healing, releasing the associated tension and creating new space and vitality in the pelvic area and the rest of the body.

The self healing tools you will learn are:

Yoni yoga (hello Mula Bandha) – slow yin based yoga for the pelvis. Helping the pelvis develop the ability to work with gravity for you, creating a container of stability while you learn to trust the legs you stand on. Each of the class sequences will evolve according to releasing progress of participants.
TRE (a neurogenic tremor release modality to release pelvic/body tension) Exactly shake tension out. Simple and extremely short a full body orgasm. The Psoas muscles is an important focus of this modality.
Pelvic awareness meditations – we have to go silent to go within. Track yourself back to your first chakra....the Root.
How to use a Yoni egg (on its own, in a yoga practice and TRE)Oh so amazing! New awakening as you release deep deep tension in the pelvis. This type of tension is not easily accessed through physical movement. The yoni egg does it’s magic from the inside out. 

As the facilitator of this experience, Rosalind will share her learning’s and hold space as you explore whatever feels comfortable for you in the moment. The workshop takes place over 4 days allowing enough time for the body to integrate its new understandings. The group will work safely and slowly, allowing each participant their own unique experience. This process will help you understand how the body has its own inner wisdom, deciding what you are ready to explore, then it does the work of releasing......if you get out of your own way:). 

Rosalind has been feeling the benefits of these healing modalities for many years. The more she connects to the wisdom of the pelvis, the more she realises how powerful she is in creating the life she wants. 

The workshop consists of 4 four hour sessions; the balance of the day is for integrating the new awareness and understandings before the next session. Each session will peel a layer so it is important to allow for integration between the body and the nervous system.

For a more detailed itinerary please contact me directly on or 0823700939

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