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STELLENBOSCH: Intro to Sanskrit


If you missed the first round of this workshop that was hosted at with @evayogagram, there is now a second chance!

The workshop includes:
- a brief overview of the history and origins of Sanskrit
- some insights into the value and relevance of learning Sanskrit for modern yoga practitioners
- a short discussion of the importance of avoiding the Sanskrit mispronunciations that are rampant in the West
- call and response exercises to familiarize you with the foundational sounds of the Sanskrit language and to refine your pronunciation of some of the most common Sanskrit terms and asana names
- tips for memorizing Sanskrit words and phrases
- a handout containing a pronunciation guide of the Sanskrit vowels and consonants, as well as a comprehensive list of asanas and other commonly used Sanskrit words for you to review and memorize at home

You don't have to be a yoga teacher to join the course!

Please contact me at or Victoria aka Northern Lights Yoga at to book and pay for your spot.