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CPT: Learn Vedic Meditation Course


Join Cailin’s Vedic meditation course held over 4 days. If you want to experience less stress and feel more stable, calm, open and loving this effortless letting go technique is the right practice for you.

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The 4-session course is taught over four consecutive days. On Day 1, you receive your personal mantra and instructions for practise. Over the following 3 days we talk about the mechanics of meditation, how to make it an effortless part of daily life, the impact of stress on the mind and body and we also dive deeper into transformational Vedic knowledge. By the end of the course you will be a confident, independent meditator and be a part of our world-wide meditation community with access to lifetime support.

Session 1 - Monday - Private 60min session. Times available from 7am-8pm - choose your preference upon signing up for the course.

Session 2 - Tuesday - 6:30pm-8pm

Session 3 - Wednesday - 6:30pm-8pm

Session 4 - Thursday - 6:30pm-8pm

LOCATION: exact location TBC


The course fee is an upfront investment that gives you a lifetime membership to Vedic meditation. When you learn through Mahasoma you gain access to a worldwide community of Vedic meditators and teachers. You can take the course again for free with any affiliated Vedic meditation teacher worldwide, and you also become part of our in-person and online community. Everything we do is to help support you in making meditation a daily practice.

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Hi, I'm Cailin Rose, Vedic meditation teacher, photographer, and passionate traveler. I am based in Melbourne but spends some months of the year exploring and traveling around the world.
I have to say, Vedic meditation changed my life and continues to do so. I never considered myself to be stressed, angry or depressed. But I felt that there was something missing in my life. I felt lost. My mind was always in the future, trying to work it all out, and because of that, anxiety became a common feature of my everyday life.

Then one day it hit me. Why would I want to live my life in fear? Why aren’t I enjoying what is already here, right now? These questions woke me up in a big way, and I started to live more day to day, more consciously. I moved from Belgium to Australia and through a sequence of perfect coincidences, I got introduced to Vedic meditation.

After 2 years of meditating and deepening my experience of the incredible Vedic wisdom, I can honestly say that I feel the happiest I have been in a long, long time.

And now I want to share with everyone what has helped me live the life I am living today. A happier life, more connected to myself, to others and to everything around me. A life with less fear. A life where intuition takes me on an exciting journey into the unknown. A life that keeps getting better and better. This is why I teach Vedic meditation.

And when I am not teaching or meditating? You might find me cooking up a storm of healthy cookies in the kitchen, dancing my heart out at an ecstatic dance party or sitting by the ocean watching the sunset.

I warmly welcome you to this special community.

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