EP03: Yoga Business and Branding with Claire Keet

Episode 3 with Claire Keet, brand strategist for Boris Henry and co-mastermind behind the Sentiens Yoga Brand. Claire has been involved with the Yoga South Africa community and rebranded our website in 2018, which has made a tremendous impact on our business. We sat down with Claire to chat about the importance of branding and they key elements on how to start a yoga business.

Music produced by Dan Schultz https://soundcloud.com/itsdanschultz / dan@fragmentsdc.com. Vocals: Tarryn James

About Claire

After graduating with a Bachelor of Journalism specialising in English Literature and Communication Design, Claire kicked off her career at a boutique design house in South Africa in 2009. Part of a small, dynamic team, Claire honed her skills in crafting messages for the right audiences through compelling design pieces delivered across the right channels. Deadline driven and with an eye for details, Claire gained experience in end-to-end production and account management. 

The call to explore sent Claire packing to Asia where she has travelled extensively and made a life for herself in South Korea. For her first two years in Korea, Claire taught ESL by day and freelanced by night. Keeping her finger on the pulse, Claire generated opportunities in everything from public relations to advertising to branding to design. Her after-dark antics helped her grow a diverse portfolio and professional network from the heart of a growing Asian powerhouse. 

In 2012 she founded BorisHenry - a brand consultancy that combines business savvy with kickass creativity to create business growth and brand value. Working at the intersection of commerce and creativity for the past 14 months, Claire and her partner manage the BH Collective, a global crew of bright young movers and shakers. Together, they create Business Artistry: the art of crafting profitable businesses and interesting brands from great ideas. With a view to wrap up in Asia in 2014 and return to South Africa self-employed, Claire is excited to tackle the challenges of the next chapter.


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