EP04: Exploring Teacher Training with Tamsin Sheehy

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Episode 4 with Tamsin Sheehy, co-owner and lead teacher trainer at The Shala Cape Town Yoga School. Tamsin has been teaching for 15 years and has led over 11 teacher trainings. Listen to this episode as we explore the components of a 200hour and 300 hour teacher training as well what it means to be a good teacher.

Show Notes:


The Shala is a boutique-style studio and sacred space for people to explore the practice of yoga with the support of inspiring and hands-on teachers.

We serve to create an individual experience for each student and offer classes suitable for all levels of yoga experience. With continuing education as our focus, The Shala offers Beginners Classes, Advanced Practices, Workshops, Courses and certified Yoga Teacher Training Courses.

The studio is housed in an elegant heritage building on Dunkley Square in the historic Gardens area of Cape Town, and offers changing rooms, shower facilities and a beautiful yoga studio with high ceilings, vintage wooden floors and reinforced structural beams that support our Suspension Yoga hammocks.

Every detail of this unique space has been created with care and intention. The interior is designed @envy_and_co to provide a connection to the environment and to the individual. The walls are decorated with local artists including Robyn DennyJennifer Morrison and Tanya Bonello. We have recently added a lounge space for students to gather before and after classes and where we also host our talks and workshops.


About Tamsin

Seeking a holistic form of body movement led Tamsin to her first yoga class. In 2004, after four years of dedicated practice in a diversity of yoga lineages including Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Iyengar yoga, Tamsin completed her first teacher training with Louisa Sears at Yogarts, an Australian based yoga school in Bali. She subsequently completed an intensive two-year Bihar teacher training with Carly Louw at Yoga Connection in Pretoria and travelled to Kerala, India 2006 to study Sivananda asana, chanting, puja and philosophy. In 2009 Tamsin completed a philosophy-rich Ashtanga style yoga teacher training with Shimon Ben Avi. Between November 2016 and March 2018, Tamsin completed her 300hours Advanced Yoga Teachers Training with Patrick Creelman and Rinat Perlman in Hong Kong.

She has a special interest in the role of yoga as a practice of healing and repair on all levels of Being. Her most inspiring work comes from teaching on The Shala’s Teacher Training programmess. The art of lymphology and digestion are key focus points for workshops and courses. Tamsin opened The Shala – Cape Town Yoga School, in 2007, and in 2018 will run her 12th 200hour Teachers Training Course.

Tamsin dynamically weaves together elements from each of these diverse yogic traditions and therapeutic schools of thought to offer alignment based yoga classes that work on strength and body intelligence. Tamsin’s creative and well-paced sequencing, anatomically precise instruction and hands-on adjustments combine to provide her students with a safe and sacred space to immerse themselves deep in their practice and develop an intuitive relationship with their bodies. Over and above simply instructing poses, Tamsin emphasizes the importance of helping students find the subtle, internal connections that make up these poses through conscious breath and movement. She encourages students to ‘move in the direction of yoga’ – to develop a sustainable self-practice and integrate the teachings of yoga into all aspects of their lives to find greater balance of mind, body and spirit.


Music produced by Dan Schultz https://soundcloud.com/itsdanschultz / dan@fragmentsdc.com. Vocals: Tarryn James

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