EP06: The Chakra System with Nisreen from Anahata021

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In Episode 6, we spoke to Nisreen from Anahata021 about the aspects of The Chakra System as well as its significance in our healing and transformation process. This episode highlights the basic aspects of the Chakra System and is a great tool for those who are still new to their Chakra journey.

The Chakra System is a complex network of energy channels connecting these wheels and is mapped throughout the whole body. There are 7 main Chakras which are found running alongside the spine. In this Episode we briefly explore these Chakras, their location, role and characteristics as well as how you can use the Chakra System as a diagnostic tool in your health and wellness journey,

ABOUT Nisreen

Nisreen’s desire to understand and help people stemmed from traumatic life experiences. In a traditional mindset, she began a career in Human Resources in different industries. It felt as thought something was always missing and she was not fulfilled. After her divorce, Nisreen decided to live a life of no regret and answered the ‘calling’. She started practices of kung-fu, tai chi, dance, pottery, painting, sculpting, yoga, meditation and pilates. She discovered there was no hub or temple that controls your journey to well being. All you need is the want to ‘follow through’ and be there for yourself. It is about connecting body, mind and spirit. “I give my heart space just as much if not more focus than my physical body. If you connect to your heart, then naturally everything will fall in to place as everything comes from love.”

Nisreen currently teaches yoga classes in Cape Town. She passionate about chakra healing, energy cleanses, meditation and cacao ceremonies.

Music produced by Dan Schultz https://soundcloud.com/itsdanschultz / dan@fragmentsdc.com. Vocals: Tarryn James

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