Manifestation with Niki and Ellen

In this Episode, we sat down with Niki and Ellen from Manifest Yoga studio to chat about their yoga journeys as well as how they use the practice of manifestation at their studio.

Manifestation: The ability to bring into being innermost dreams and desires; involving 3 components: attention, intention and present moment awareness - Deepak Chopra

ABOUT The Niki and ellen

Manifest Yoga Studio is co-owned by Niki and Ellen van Velden, a mother and daughter duo. They have created this space with the intention to manifest a yoga community that is inclusive and welcoming. They both believe that yoga is for everyone and has been and always will be an invaluable tool for self-discovery, wellness and vitality and a way to cope in our modern day life.

Niki van Velden

As a teenager, Niki loved sports. She grew up in England and in summer if the sun was out so was she. Playing tennis, baseball, running, competing in athletics or gymnastics. Then life got in the way, corporate life, family life and everything in between. Soon she found myself facing the big 50 and had a deep desire to find herself again and to recapture her love of movement. She started running and re-kindled a passion for yoga. Niki then watched her body regain its youthfulness. She became stronger and more flexible.

Today she teaches yoga several times a week and maintains her own practice of ninety minutes a day.

“I hope to inspire people of all ages to keep active. To help them find joy and perfection in play and movement, to find peace in their breath and to offer the best version of themselves to the world.”

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Ellen van Velden

Unexpectedly, Ellen fell in love with yoga. Five years ago, she despised herself and was a lost, hyper-allergic mess. She began to teach herself yoga and ultimately learnt her best life lessons yet. She learnt self-discovery, self-love, healing, consciousness, plant-based nutrition, true physical strength, meaning and purpose.

Ellen started teaching yoga as a tool to share the physical practice as well as her lessons with as much as the world as she could. “I am grateful that every day, this is the life I wake up to.”

“I want to teach ultimate physical and inner strength and the power of healing. To teach that, “If you don’t go within, you go without” and that we really have been searching for ourselves in the wrong places. Yoga truly changes people and I have big plans to touch as many hearts as are open to letting me.”

Music produced by Dan Schultz / Vocals: Tarryn James

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