Practicing the Pause with Tarryn James

As the founder of Yoga South Africa, Tarryn shares her personal experiences of finding and practicing ways to pause, in a modern society that is filled with technology and social media. We live in a time which idolizes being busy and productive, but somehow we have forgotten how to be calm and still? How do we find balance? How do we find mindfulness in between hours spent behind the screen?

Tarryn weighs in on her tips to finding moments of stillness as well as opens the doors for the listeners to share their preferred methods of "practicing the pause" :)

In this episode, Tarryn's refers to the Deliciously Ella Podcast "Do we Need a Digital Detox?" episode released 15/10/2019

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We would love to hear your favourite ways of switching off! Share in the comments below!

Music produced by Dan Schultz / Vocals: Tarryn James

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