Explorers Yoga Retreat, 24-27 October, Magoesbaskloof

Put on your adventure pants and join Pai Tula Yoga for the best weekend of the year! They can't wait for fun in the sun, special time with yogi friends, outdoor discovery and time in the magnificent Magoesbaskloof hills of mist, forests and mystery!

If you're up for complete adventure, grab a friend or partner, take the road trip and experience a weekend of a lifetime!


Camping options are available.
R5200 Own double bed room
R4400 Sharing (for couples and best friends only as you
will be sharing a double bed)
A Min 50% deposit is required by the 5 Sept of Aug to secure your spot!

Accomodation is double beds, so pay less if you're sharing or have the whole big bed to yourself!


Yoga, tubing, hiking, exploring and more!
Camping options are available.

NB* Dietry requirements will be made for vegans and vegetarians but this retreat does not adhere to a strict diet.

Email angie@paitula.co.za for bookings. Space is limited folks. And we sell out fast!



Angie started Pai Tula Yoga studio with one thing in mind and that was to create a place for people to come home to. To be able to walk in and know that on no occasion would they be judged for not having the latest yoga clothing or most expensive mat or for not being able to touch their toes! Pai Tula is about belonging to a yoga family not a yoga business. There are enough people in our jobs, our families and our immediate circles that are judging us and expecting heaps of success all the time from us, we shouldn’t have to deal with it in our place of peace too.

Pai Tula, 'let go and balance' is what we strive to achieve at this studio. Yoga is all about creating a balance within and without. It is finding the unique ability to hold on and let go at the exact same time. It is a personal journey of the self, through the self. It has no goal, you are the goal!

So it’s here to make you all feel welcomed, held and supported as though a few pieces of inanimate wood were hugging you for your entire practice!