SOLD OUT: A Week of Nurture and Nourishment in Bali, 6-13 October

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8 Days of Nurture and Nourishment in Bali, 2-9 February


Traveling to a retreat necessitates mindfulness. There’s the stillness of the outdoors. You’re not tuning in with car horns or alarms and general urbanity's rush. You’re hearing the buzz of insects, the song of a bird, the frog choirs at night, rustle of palm trees swaying in the breeze and gentle waves breaking close to your door step. These are qualitatively different sounds. Rather than interrupt you, they raise awareness. They bring attention to the present moment. And when night falls and the full moon shines brightly in the sky, you'll realise that the simplest pleasures in life are actually worth gold.


If you have been craving a change in your lifestyle, daily habits and wish to give yourself a gift of personal growth & energy, then join me in Bali for yoga, meditation, self love, relaxing and fun in the sun.

This is not your regular yoga retreat ......... While yoga is part of this retreat, we are not just working with the body, but also with the subconscious and the conscious mind and with our heart. We will focus very much on mindfulness with meditations and daily practices. We will connect to our biggest dreams and desires and how to start making them happen! In this retreat, the focus is on holistic healing and creating the best version of you!

Costs: Prices from R15 000

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