Revive and Thrive Bali : A Journey Through Wellness for Inspired Living, 8-14 June

Revive and thrive is an immersive retreat like no other, committed to the belief that experience is the greatest teacher. Our philosophy is to express the full meaning of yoga, seeking balance through the practice of ancient yogic techniques and a healthy amount of fun. We hold ourselves to the standard that all clients are within our care, physically and emotionally, and that we must honor their voices. Through moving meditation, we aim to create the space for you to become curious about who you are.  Join us as we embark on a unique opportunity to experience
the sacred ceremonial worship of everyday life.

Join Carlye Cole and Mandy Wu for a mid-year treat to relax, reboot and unwind on the Island of the Gods, Bali, Indonesia. Journey with us as we embark on a path of wellness through movement in Yoga, meditation, and breathwork . We connect to the inner self through the wisdom of Reiki, Chinese Medicine and ancient Balinese healing. Set in the serenity of Floating Leaf Eco-luxury Retreat we indulge in the perfect balance between fun and restoration by nourishing the mind and body and exploring the delights of the local culture witnessing the sacred worship of every day life.


Highlights include:

  • Yoga Lifestyle Assessment (prior to retreat)

  • Morning and evening yoga

  • Daily breathwork techniques (Pranayama) and guided  meditation

  • Personal consultation with a Traditional Balinese Healer

  • One Balinese massage

  • Temple tour and secret waterfall trek

  • Traditional offering making class and cultural ceremony with a Balinese High Priestess

  • Workshops:  Reiki & The Chakras, Working with Herbs for Healing (massage), Medicating with Food (cooking class)


  • 7 days, 6 nights with eco-luxury accommodation

  • Airport transfers to and from accommodation venue (All retreat specific excursion transfers included)

  • Three healthy, wholesome, and organic meals served daily

PRICEs for Double Occupancy

Early Bird R21 308 / Regular R22 803

Single Supplement Available


For bookings, contact Mandy via email or on her website


About your host:


Mandy Wu

Mandy is passionate about inspiring people through their unique paths.  Hailing from a background in psychology, she has always been drawn to healing. It was her own ongoing experience with a chronic thyroid condition that led to her to the discovery of Yoga.  At the core of her practice is a belief that the mind and body work together to reveal messages that bring us to an awareness of dis-ease that exists in the psyche. By engaging the innate intelligence of the mind-body connection, we can resolve to overcome these challenges.

Owing to her curiosity in Chinese medicine and Ayurveda she chose to pursue her yoga teacher training in India at the foothills of the Himalayas.  Primarily a student of Vinyasa, she also draws on Reiki teachings and philosophy to lead students on an active education about the importance of cultivating wellness at the physical, emotional and mental levels.  Her approach to teaching rests on the premise that there is both a place for moving meditative yoga practices as well as potential for healing in static styles like Yin yoga. As an extension of the physical world around us, a healthy body and mind is the basis for a more conscious and caring world. She hosts yoga events which are carefully planned both to develop a communal sense of consciousness and serve as a creative outlet for all participants in a lasting way. She firmly believes it is this myriad of experiences and an inquisitive, open mind that will allow students to find their freedom in yoga.


Carlye Cole

Carlye is an experienced and caring yoga teacher who has developed her teachings to provide balanced and rewarding classes. The classes she offers are primarily Hatha and Vinyasa style that are made accessible to practitioners of all levels.  Her compassion and unique ability to tune into the needs of others creates an environment for exploration, guiding students further into their yoga practice and deeper into the physical poses. Teaching internationally for the past four years, she has led a multitude of classes, workshops, and private sessions.    

Carlye first completed her 200 hour training in 2014, and two years later went on to pursue her 500 hour advanced yoga training in the birthplace of yoga: Rishikesh, India. She is currently studying health and human performance, adding a modern perspective of fitness and health to her yoga background. The experiences and knowledge gained throughout her journeys continues to inspire her to travel and connect with students from across the globe.  Guided by yoga, she has found an extraordinary and more meaningful life, one that is accessible to all who are open to growth.