3 Day Nourish and Connect “Serenity” Yoga Retreat, 25 - 27 October, Grabouw

"Where Yoga meets Nature, where Nature meets Breath, and where Breath meets Spirit; here is where you will meet Serenity.

Taking place over a full weekend in October at Old Mac Daddy in our beautiful zen-inducing corner of the Elgin valley (Western Cape, South Africa) this family-friendly yoga retreat encourages you to explore and delight in the wellbeing practices of yoga, mindfulness, meditation and breathwork, all while engaging in a landscape that promotes contentment and awe.

Find yourself staying in our unique accommodation options that further inspire the mind and all senses.

While participating in the retreat's wellbeing activities, you will also be able to rest in the knowledge of having your family entertained by the many fun and family-friendly activities Old Mac Daddy has to offer.


The cost for this retreat is R6000 and includes

- Unique and luxury accommodations

- All meals

- One beverage per meal

- Total of 4 Yoga sessions (Hatha and Yoga Nidra)

- 2 Meditation and Mindfulness workshops

- Gift from LifeScapes

Early Bird Special - first 10 paid guests get 50% off certain Spa treatments at Old Mac Daddy’s Zen Den!"

Whether attending on your own or with family and friends, this retreat caters toward your journey of self-nourishment and connection.

There are also costs for family/group members who want to stay for the weekend but not attend the Retreat activities.

Contact your yoga instructor and host, Claire Germiquet via claire@lifescapes.co.za to meet “Serenity” - your state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.


About your host: CLAIRE GERMINQUET

Claire Germiquet has always had a passion for assisting people toward becoming their best self, their true self. A Personal Growth Coach with a MSc in Mental Health Psychology, a registered Yoga Teacher and a Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher, Claire has several years of experience working with a variety of people with diverse needs, their families and society.

This experience has exposed her to many different individuals and their interpretations of themselves and the world. All her experiences have guided her toward holistic growth and wellbeing where through her business, LifeScapes, she aims to continue supporting all people towards a joyful, healthy and meaningful life.