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Hout Bay, Cape Town

Hatha, Yoga Therapy

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100% Yoga is supervised by Swiss Yoga Therapist Sylvain Lonchay and Branislav Korkodelovic, a Medical Doctor based in Geneva. They both visit South Africa regularly for charity programmes. 

They offer workshops in Hout Bay and visio conferences for theory

(one-one-one sessions) 

10% of the funds collected with our trainings are used for a Karma Yoga project in order to develop non-violence (Ahimsa) in key areas of large metropoles. www.swissyogathon.org


They also offer 150hrs Yoga Therapy trainings for certified Yoga Teachers, Coaches and Personal Trainers. 

Yoga Therapy Training includes: 
- Anatomy / Physiology / Pathology
- Biomecanical aspects of yoga postures - practice of Safe Yoga
- Psychology of Yoga and applications of Yoga Therapy with Nidralogy
- Prescriptions including asanas, pranayama, naturopathy remedies, meditation and cleansing methods
- 40 study cases / 1 thesis / 3 intermediary written exams
- 2 patient-follow up