37 Sun


Oranjezicht, Cape Town

Vinyasa, yin yoga, mobility classes, seniors classes

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37Sun is a small boutique yoga studio in the heart of Oranjezicht, Cape Town.
Small classes offer a more personalised experience, lots of hands on attention and a real sense of community.

The long held poses in Yin classes help to release the fascia of the body, as well as relax and calm the mind, bringing an overall sense of balance and wellbeing to one's inner world.
Even though open to all ages, the Seniors class is focused primarily on the joints and gentle mobility.
The Mobility classes are aimed at providing a deeper understanding of common imbalances and injuries that many of us experience in the body from time to time. Mobility classes are tailored around what students are currently dealing with in their own bodies, such as lower back pain, Scoliosis or stiffness in the neck and shoulders to name a few possibilities.


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