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Change your world one breath at a time.

Yoga is a journey that has no end. Master a pose and there is always another one to master after that. It isn’t about perfection, it is about patience with yourself, persistence with your practice and being grateful for what your body can do on any given day. There are many types of yoga, it can be overwhelming but there is an option to suit you. Even if it is only once a week, and all you do is attend a breathing class, it will change your life. If you fancy being energetic about it, try Ashtanga or Vinyasa. If you want to relax try Yin Yoga.

Tamlyn was always one of those people who dipped in and out of yoga classes, never really finding a connection or actively enjoying doing yoga. It was a “fashionable” thing to do and she fell in with it like everyone else. It wasn’t until a massive crisis appeared in her life that she realised she needed something that was going to ground her and allow her stress levels to come down. She started going to more and more classes, trying different instructors and different types of yoga. Tamlyn learnt that even just sitting and breathing for five minutes will drastically reduce your stress levels.

And so, Tamlyn began the journey that she is on now – training to be a yoga instructor, but more importantly learning to help others find the joy on their mats. Many people have a misconception about yoga, that you have to be a certain shape or height, or you have to be super bendy. This is all complete nonsense.

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