Blooming Yogi



Hatha, Power Yoga, Vinyasa

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“My intention is to have a space where each individual feels comfortable enough to come as they are.”

Blooming Yogi holds a space for each person to explore their personal process blooming, whether that is learning and unlearning habits, integrating body awareness in their daily activities, eating with intention and nourishing the mind and the body.

Lente is a qualified and experienced mindful movement, she has practiced yoga since the age of 14, and has been studying and teaching yoga since she graduated after High School. She educates clients from the principles of BASI Pilates in which she is a certified Mat Instructor and helps you achieve your fitness goals with the “Barre Time” method. Lente is qualified in all 3 schools of movement.

She focuses on the quality of movement as a maximum of 6 people per class get individual attention. The intention is that we remind ourselves that being healthy is not a luxury but a necessity. My studio is from the comfort of my home, on a farm cottage, far enough out of town to help you disconnect, but connect to yourself.

Yoga, Pilates & Barre all tools to help us feel radiantly Alive and connected to self love and gratitude of celebration of what our bodies can do!