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Plettenberg Bay

Forrest Yoga, Hatha, Pre-Natal Yoga, Yin Yoga



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Welcome to Kula Yoga Space! In this space, we focus on connecting to the physical body in a way that feels "delightful". NOW in PLETTENBERG BAY!

The physical body is the only thing in the present moment and by connecting to it you are becoming more conscious. Living a more conscious life is an incredible journey, I invite you to try it. In this space we offer yoga classes and a self-healing modality called TRE (Tension Release Experience). Meditations and workshops are also on offer so please watch our Facebook page for updated details.

"Kula" means Community in Sanskrit. You are invited in this space to feel at home, make suggestions, comment, make friends and be yourself. There are no expectations of you and no judgment. Everyone is encouraged to approach each class with a beginners mind so the journey in and out of Downward Dog can be new each time you take your body there. This way you can keep your curiosity about yourself alive!


At Kula Yoga Space, everyone knows your name:). we're a community studio, always excited to have visiting guests. The yoga is Hatha based with an infusion of Forrest Yoga making it Indie Yoga. An independent style of yoga which includes whatever the current teacher is learning for themselves.

The style taught includes somatic awareness, fascia release, strength building, connecting to Self through breath awareness and much more. The class sequence and dialogue get you curious about your body and develop a deeper connection to Self. No class is the same, all levels are welcome and you will be encouraged to look deeper, explore more and move a boundary...even if just a bit. We love to feel which make the yoga experience personal and all yours.

The class schedule changes so please check directly with Ros to get an update.

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