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Children’s yoga, power yoga, meditation, yin yoga,vinyasa

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A serene yoga studio situated on the banks of the Eerste River in the historic centre of Stellenbosch.


The original Riverside Studio was based just a few blocks up from its current location, in the heritage building that Nicci grew up in. Built in 1781, the space was used back in the day as a barn for the Mayor’s animals. It was a wonderful cosy spot and became a safe and happy place for many yogis over a number of years, but we needed a bigger space to practice in and to welcome more yogis and offer more classes.

Nicci had had her eye on the Landbousaal as a potential yoga spot for a while before the opportunity arose to rent it from the indefatigable and wonderful Stellenbosch Trail Fund, and the rest is history. The original space has been converted back to a playroom for Nicci’s children (as it was when Nicci and her sister were growing up) and we are over the moon to have our fabulous new studio even closer to the banks of the Eerste River: we didn’t even have to change our name, so we believe it was always written in the stars that we should end up here!


Upcoming events at Riverside Studio

Yoga for Beginners Immersion, 27-28 July

Open day with Bruce Chung, 3 August

Wild Yoga Retreat, 25-29 October, Namibia