200 hour Hatha Teacher Training, 9-31 July, Zinkwazi


Hosted by Devahiti Yoga

Cost: R27 000

This is a 23 day Intensive Course. We maintain high standards of education, embrace all 8 limbs of the Ashtanga Yoga Philosophy with a deep focus on basic Anatomy, physiology and self awareness/transformation. This is an immersion into Self, new knowledge, teaching skills and self discipline. At the very least you will deepen your understanding of your own layers which make up the SELF and at most, we will transform you into a compassionate, safe and effective TEACHER of Yoga.

This 200 hour intensive will be hosted in Zinkwazi, North Coast of KwaZulu Natal. All meals will be Ayurvedic and Vegan with dairy options if necessary. The course runs from 9th to 31st July . The course content is attached for participants to read through and we require you to complete a few online assignments before the time. This makes the contact time much more efficient and revision will be helpful in prepping for the examinations.

This teacher training is hosted by Cheryl Lancellas, who is a senior yoga teacher with 4 decades of Somatic Movement, Personal training, Dancer and Yoga training. She specialises in " Safe and effective Movement to restore the Natural order and align Mind, Body with Spirit "

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For questions or applications, contact cheryl@devahiti.com

Module one:

Overall introduction to the TTC, muscular-skeletal system, Yoga as a science, Yoga Philosophy, asanas in supine, prone, seated as well as Surya Namaskar and preparatory movements.(including the moving into, out of, holding, precautions and benefits of each) The students own alignment are corrected and worked on throughout.Mantras and chanting. Meditation. Yoga Nidra. Using the wall to improve overall posture and the “L shapes”. 

Module two:

Postures in seated and standing position with benefits etc. Central Nervous System, Cardiovascular system, respiratory system. Pranayama. Teaching techniques (class preparations etc) and cues.

Module three:

Digestive system, endocrine system. Teaching aids such as walls, straps, bolsters. Bandhas. Asanas in targeted areas such as : back bends, hip openers, shoulder openers, forward bends and their counter poses. Teaching skills on how to teach a class without actually doing the asana. Basic Sanskrit to help with understanding names of asanas.

Module four includes:

Swara Yoga, Chakras and Kundalini.  Introduction to basic Ayurveda. Basic nutrition. Yoga as a business.
During all the workshops we revise teaching of asanas, meditation, chanting of mantras and  knowledge of the specific muscles active in the asana.
During the 3rd module the students will choose a topic off a list of 10 and write an article on it which goes towards their final marks. The course is only completed once both the theory and practical exams are completed with minimum 70%, all assignments as set per module, read at least 2 of the suggested books and offered oral and written feedback in workshop and submitted the article on chosen subject for research.


About Your Host - Devahiti Yoga

The co-founders of Devahiti Ena During and Cheryl Lancellas, come from similar backgrounds of a combination of dance, yoga, personal training, martial arts, meditation, physical therapy, fascial release, massage, polarity, reiki and pranic healing . Their collaboration formed a unique combination of what each had found to be the most effective way to work with their clients experiencing pain and assisting them along their path of self-healing. This then culminated in Devahiti, a combination of Yoga Asana, Pranayama, Meditation and body work Therapy.
Devahiti, or “Divine Order”, was born of a desire to amalgamate a lifetime of traditional yoga practice and teachings, with a body-alignment practice, which has its roots primarily in Yoga, Polarity Therapy and Ayurveda. To facilitate divine order, or alignment, on all levels of the body-mind complex, both on and off the mat.
We like to think of Devahiti Yoga as an all-encompassing yogic system founded on the traditional disciplines, while simultaneously embracing the exciting, and ever expanding, new developments in yoga, as well as in its related traditional healing arts.
Yoga is and has been in our lives for decades. Yoga is what we depend on for guidance to divine order, or Devahiti, on our destined paths, and we both aspire to walk this path, as we always have, with fellow Yogis to be inspired and in turn to inspire others onto this path.

We would love to share our passion for this ancient art and science with you. We invite you to take a FREE trial class with us whenever you are ready to dip your toes into the cleansing Yogic  “ waters”.