50 hour Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Training, 10-15 November, Bali


Hosted by Jeanne Walsh at The Peaceful Warriors

Cost: USD850

This training is not just for Yoga Teachers. But for anyone who wants to make this world a better place. Parents, Teachers, Educators and Caregivers, anyone who wants to empower young minds to be in touch with their inner being; anyone who wants to empower young minds to be the best they can be. Anyone who wants to teach children to love who they are, Body, Mind & Soul. Invest in yourself in a way that would benefit children for years to come. ❤️

A high quality, international and Yoga Alliance accredited Immersion & Teacher Training, available to Yoga Teachers, Nursery-, Primary- and Secondary School Teachers, Therapists, Parents and anyone who is passionate about sharing yoga and mindfulness with children and youth, our future. ❤️

This 6-day / 50HR Immersion & Teacher Training on the magical island of Bali will cultivate your knowledge and understanding of children’s yoga, social-emotional learning and creating resilient youth.

A unique five element structure; Breathe, Move, Focus, Relax and Connect seamlessly integrates the best of yoga and mindfulness, to provide comprehensive content, create a predictable rhythm to programming, and support ease and consistency of implementation. We also incorporate the ethics and philosophy of traditional yoga and mindfulness, blending them with today’s curriculum requirements.

We delve into the world of anatomy and physiology, mental health awareness, mindfulness and meditation for children, classroom management, nutrition and healthy living, social and emotional development, group and partner poses, special needs, lesson plans and you also get to teach a hands on children yoga class.


  • Understand children’s mental, physical, social and emotional development

  • Comprehend the physiology of trauma and childhood development

  • Yoga and Mindfulness for Mental Health

  • Understand the benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness for children with special needs and learn how to apply them as a Kids/Youth Yoga Therapist

  • Learn a proven system for finding the cause of learning problems and eliminating it by means of specific, simple-to-use yoga exercises while strengthening children's’ learning abilities.

  • Teach from a lens of social and emotional brain-based learning

  • Know the benefits of yoga

  • Design and plan lesson plans for age/need appropriate group you will be teaching

  • Effectively utilise yoga tools in the classroom to meet your student's needs

  • Teach yoga to children 3yrs - Teenagers

For bookings or further questions contact Hello@jeannewelsh.yoga

As you delve deeper into yourself as a yoga and mindfulness teacher for toddlers, children, teenagers and young people (including those with special needs.), your own yoga practice and inner child exploration will continue to deepen.

During this training we will also have a couple of Speciality Teachers joining the team and sharing their knowledge about; Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Self Love and Capoera.

We will also explore how to set up your own Yoga and Mindfulness for Kids and Teens business, how to contact schools and to use social media to grow an audience and build influence etc. On the last day of the training, we visit either Jodie O'Shea House or Stella’s child a Balinese orphanage, where you will get to use your new set of skills and practice teaching Yoga and Mindfulness to Kids and Teens. If you are interested in volunteering teaching Yoga and Mindfulness here in Bali after the training’s finished, please reach out and we are happy to assist you in arranging this.


About Your - Jeanne Welsh

Created from my own childhood trauma to give children the tools I never had growing up…
Jeanne's story begins at Uzenmyethu child-care facility, Gugulethu Township, Cape Town, South Africa. In the South African nucleus of crime, poverty, and riots, the accelerated growing need for the children to learn life skills that could extend beyond the school walls and promote health in other areas of their life.
Jeanne Welsh is a leader in the field of children’s yoga education. Jeanne champions the efficacy of innovative, evidence-based yoga programs for schools to establish lifelong foundations for student’s fitness, wellness, and productivity. Over the past decade, Jeanne has worked closely with educators, health professionals, and parents to enrich school communities with yoga tools to more authentically and effectively teach to their students and children. A pioneer of yoga education, Jeanne is also the founder of Wellness for Kids in Cape Town South Africa, a company that creates sustainable yoga programs for Cape Town schools. When not at home in Bali, you can find Jeanne leading Yoga for Kids training and retreats, empowering educators to integrate yoga into schools across Europe, Asia, and South Africa.

Fuelled by the success of this whole school yoga and mindfulness implementation program, Jeanne has evolved with the intention to reach more schools, more educators, more parents, and more students.

Together, we are changing education through the practice of mindfulness and yoga.