Master of the Dark Arts - Applied Anatomy and Physiology Online Course


Hosted by Crawl Project

Cost: $250

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Master Of The Dark Arts is a crash course in applied anatomy and physiology with a philosophical twist. The course is designed to provide you with simple and useful tools that you can utilise to promote physical health and longevity and improve your understanding of human movement.

According to Richard-Dean, the course can be especially useful for newly certified teachers or seasoned teachers that want to diversify their approach to teaching. Although the exercises in the course are not strictly Yoga, many of them can be adapted an implemented in a yoga context.

By its nature, it is an evolving course that Richard-Dean Plans to build upon and keep adding to as well as updating to the content. This means that early investors will be rewarded with any updates and additions at no additional cost.

Richard-Dean, Owner and founder of Crawl Project, is a movement therapist and mobility specialist from Cape Town, South Africa. He completed his 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga training in 2014 and has since led anatomy and physiology modules on several 200-hour certifications.

Richard-Dean offers one-on-one movement therapy and mobility coaching from The Balance Group, working alongside world-class rehabilitation specialists. In addition to this, he also has several group class offerings

Chapter outline:

The course consists of eight complete chapters.

#1-2 Hhistory and basic conceptual theory behind the ancient mystery practices of Hermeticism and Alchemy as well as with the history of anatomy.

#3 Basic theoretical introduction to the concepts of Living anatomy and The Biological Flow

#4: The Art of Breathing

#5 The Serpentine Spine

#6 Lower Body Dynamics

# 7 Upper Body Dynamics

# 8 Integrating the Systems

All chapters have a transcribed text document with an accompanying downloadable audio file.
All of the anatomy chapters contain a video anatomy presentation with a 3-D view of anatomical structures. Chapters 4-8 contain downloadable instructional videos.