Well Woman Yoga and Shiatsu for Teachers weekend, 15-17 February, Pretoria


Hosted by Andrea White and Wellbeing Pretoria

Cost: R3500. R3200 early Bird price if booked and paid by 31st Jan

This is a short course open to women and men yoga teachers who wish to learn techniques that support the female body in its myriad forms through inner and outer cycles of life, nature, from menstruation to menopause and beyond.

The techniques include dynamic and gentle intuitive yoga and movement, self and partner shiatsu, meditation and breathing practices that can help a woman connect to her inner wisdom and follow her natural rhythms while in tune with the people and nature around her.

Allowing yoga students to connect to their inner voice and intuition is also to help them connect with mother earth, bringing a deeper understanding of their true self, their passions and gifts.

In this work, we invite men and women to respect each other’s bodies and needs, in their communities and with nature.

Course Details- 3 days (21 classroom hours) + information Handouts and a post-course feedback skype/in person private session.

On this short course we will cover:

  • menstrual & cycle awareness

  • yoga for menstrual problems

  • self-care for teachers

  • classroom management

  • deep listening practices

  • empowering, feminine movement

  • self and partner shiatsu techniques

  • using nature and connecting with others to help us understand our needs

For more information/ bookings, contact andrea@andreawhite.co


About Your Host - Andrea White

Andrea White is a British trained Yoga therapist, massage therapist and Women's wellbeing mentor.  She has been teaching women for 10 years, through her career, she noticed that some practices were not suitable for her own body and for some women in her classes at different times of her life or cycle, other were amazing beneficial to her and others menstrual cycle, wellbeing and vitality. 
'I feel my yoga classes and teachings fill in the gaps that many teachers don’t talk about'

She now teaches and trains, Well woman yoga, Pregnancy yoga, postnatal yoga and menstrual cycle awareness/ cycle awareness, assisting women in their journey's of menstruation, fertility, pregnancy, postnatal, and menopause.  Her main role is to hold circles of women, to share her passion for nurturing women into self acceptance and raise the feminine energy. Connecting women together for their own healing and healing of our ancestors, and daughters to come.

'My passion is to empower others to connect with their own inner wisdom, find their own personal yoga. Using compassion, creativity and authenticity, I aspire to help you create nurturing awareness to yourself and your life'

Special Guest Clare James- 
Clare is an international a Well woman yoga therapist, pre and postnatal yoga teacher, Shiatsu Therapist, Reflexologist, women's mentor and women's circle facilitator. she will be assisting on this training from the UK. she brings her beautiful brand of self-care for teachers, her deep womb wisdom knowledge and her experience of supporting circles of women in health and for creativity