100 hour Introduction To Yoga Therapy Online


Hosted by Hridaya School of Yoga

Cost: R14 850

This is an online distance course, intended for Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapists wishing to deepen their knowledge on the therapeutic application of asana and pranayama.

The course is based on the yoga teachings of Sri T. Krishnamacharya and is rooted in the knowledge of Yoga Chikitsa (Therapy) and prescribes which asanas and pranayama will be beneficial in certain diseases and disease categories.

Pre-requisites: Applicants must have at least completed a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training and have some form of personal yoga practice.

You will receive complete online access to the course including all lessons and tests, which you can access from your computer at your convenience anywhere in the world. This course compromises of 100 learning hours. Students have 12 months from the start in order to complete the course.

The course comprises of 100 study hours and will enable you to:
- Guide people on how to breathe in asanas
- Tailor specific breathing ratios in asanas and pranayama to benefit clients
- Guide clients with regards to diet and lifestyle
- Suggest and recommend yogic regimens for people diagnosed with:
-Menstruation Disorders
-Intermittent pulse
-Diseases involving the head, eyes, ears, spine and joints
-Diseases involving the heart, stomach, spleen, liver and kidneys
-Stomach Ache
-Suggest diet restrictions regarding the above ailments


Course Format

The course is divided into 12 Lectures that are downloadable, and comprises of 100 hours of home study.

  • Students are advised to practice and familiarize themselves with the asanas given in this course.

  • Students have 12 months from the start date in order to complete the course.

  • Students are required to complete Assessment Questions which are graded

  • Pre-requisites: Applicants must have completed at least 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training course in order to enrol.

Testing and Student Teacher Interaction

  • This is an Online Course, students are encouraged to send any questions regarding the course to hridaya.courses@gmail.com

  • The course contains 6 detailed Assessment Questions, answers are to be e-mailed together with the Assessment and Response Cover Sheet to hridaya.courses@gmail.com

  • Grades are awarded based on an accumulative marking scheme.

  • Students may be asked to resubmit questions should they prove unsatisfactory.

  • Students have 12 months from the start of the course to send in all Assesment Questions. 

Certification and Accreditation

A Certificate of Completion will be issued by Hridaya School of Yoga on completion of the course.

Introduction to Yoga Therapy 100 hr: Therapeutic Applications of Asana and Pranayama is an Online Distance Course internationally accredited with the Yoga Teachers Fellowship of Southern Africa


About Your Host - Hridaya School of Yoga

Course author is Pamela-Francis Stuetz, 200RYT and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant. 
Pamela completed her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training under Ishta School of Yoga and Health and completed her 300hr Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consutant through the American Institute of Vedic Studies under Dr David Frawley.