Claire Buck


Centurion, Fourways, Midrand

Children's Yoga, Hatha, Pre-Natal,

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Studios: Karmically Fused studio, Office Parks

071 331 8128


Claire from a young age of 13 started doing yoga with her mother. As a teenager she suffered with back pain caused by a slight scoliosis. Claire was involved in modelling in her teenage years and yoga helped to tone, destress and alleviate her back issues. After school she went to study a BA at university but found this was not going to be her preferred field of study. She took the opportunity to make a major change and learn to teach the thing from her childhood that made her happy. Learning to teach others to enjoy her love of yoga.

Claire studied yoga, took the teacher training course and has never looked back. From then it was a natural progression to continue to study more forms of exercise. Claire saw the body made up of mind body and soul and wanted to absorb as much as she could to help her clients. She furthered her studies in Water Rehabilitation, Pre and post natal exercise,  Personal Training and Holistic Nutrition. She is currently studying life coaching.

She has her own private studio in Centurion,also owns a corporate wellness company Karmically Fused that offers Classes and Wellness Days through out Gauteng.

Claire also offers private yoga classes.



Yoga4Kids Childrens Yoga Teacher Training

Pre and Post Natal Yoga Qualification