Elichia Truter



Hatha, Budokon, Vinyasa, Pre-natal, Hot yoga, Power Yoga and Restorative Yoga.

Corporate and Private Yoga. Pop-up Events and Retreats

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“Yoga found me at the perfect time in my life. It intervened/ interjected when I needed it the most. Like they say the teacher appears when the student is ready. I was asleep, a little lost in the rat race of a fast paced society. I was overwhelmed with deadlines and trying to prove that I could keep up with anyone. Success or what I characterized as success was my only driving force. And then I found my voice though yoga. “

Elichia has a degree in Communication science as well as in the Holistic beauty industry. She has an immense passion for any form of exchange and finds Yoga to be the best form of communication she has found. "Yoga has helped me let go of many anxieties and through movement and breath has shown me the dance of life . The push and pull, the holding on letting go, to be less resistant and more open to the natural unfolding; the ebb and flow. Yoga is that oneness between the body, mind and breath.

She loves to combine playfulness, thoughtfulness and of course loads of movement. Her classes focus on strength, spirituality and physically. Through Yoga we feel into the uncomfortable spaces, acknowledge our emotions and release so that when we step off our mats we are more responsive and less reactive.

Elichia's dream is to spread the practice as far and wide and allow people to cultivate stillness and compassion in their lives.She loves facilitating growth in someone that is open to it. Being witness to that shift in the mind and body is totally humbling.

"As a teacher you learn that you will never stop being a student."


Qualified Hatha Yoga Instructor

Qualified Aromatherapist and Swedish Massage Therapist

50 hour Budokon Teacher Training (2018)

200 hour Yoga Alliance Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training (2018)