Elichia Truter




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Studios: The Urban Room, The Wild's Estate

061 778 3101


"Yoga just came to me one day out of the blue. It was love at first sight and I felt an instant connection. They say when the student is ready the teacher appears."

Elichia has a degree in Communication science as well as in the Holistic beauty industry. She has an immense passion for communication and finds Yoga to be the best form of communication she has found. "Yoga has helped me let go of many, anxieties and through movement has shown me internal and external beauty . Yoga is that oneness between the body, mind and breath. Yoga is freedom and release. Which I hope to facilitate in each and every class."

She loves to combine playfulness, thoughtfulness and of course loads of movement. Her classes focus on strength, spirituality and physically. Through Yoga we nurture and nourish so that when we step off our mats we are refreshed and balanced.

Elichia's dream is to spread the practise as far and wide and allow people to feel the complete bliss that comes when you are completely still.

"As a teacher you learn that you will never stop being a student."


Qualified Hatha Yoga Instructor