Frank Rawson



Vinyasa, Hatha

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082 560 2718

Studios: The Yoga Republic, Planet Fitness


Frank’s Yoga Journey started in 2004 when he was advised it would improve his golf, It did. He got started practicing Ashtanga yoga and loved it, his lower back pain from a car accident disappeared and he was hooked. Fractures to his back and neck and the healing yoga gave him should have had him hooked, but It was only around 2012 that yoga really became
part of him.

“I really started connecting with my body, I began to meet my body where - it was and really got into the mind body connection.”
Frank is grateful to have found Maritz Steyn and completed his Teacher training under his guidance. “I am also thankful for all the teachers in my past who have added and are part of what I have to share.”

“There is so much to learn from facilitating a space for yogis to safely explore their bodies, I look forward to growing with and who I think will be my best teachers and that is my students.
The teacher in me recognizes the teacher in all of you. Namaste”

Qualifications and Experience

  • RYT 200 Adult vinyasa = Living Yoga under Sarah, Bruce and Jo.

  • RYCT 100 Children's yoga teacher training = Yoga4kids under Suzie.

  • Mindfulness teacher training under Mark Joseph