Jolene Palmer



Hatha, Pre-Natal Yoga, Power Yoga, Vinyasa

Private and Corporate Yoga classes

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“I’ve been called a Serial Entrepreneur, that’s before I knew yoga… “

Jolene’s professional journey started when she moved from her parents' home at the tender age of 16 and bought my first property before the age of 20. Combining her lively personality and persistent attitude, she was able to established a few successful businesses which included a Minuteman Press for 11 years, Film Education sold to Johnnic, and Motorcycle Rescue Services operated for two years, Biz-Guru (business coaching and training) and Cool Bananas Consulting (strategic marketing 4 years). I was also very proud to be the director of a global BNI organization which has well over 150,000 members worldwide. 

“I thoroughly enjoyed challenges, teaching and motivating others from my own empowering life journey to educate others that the impossible is in fact possible, and that all you need to do is to work at it! Work smart not hard. My experience has come from my growth. Both success and failure has taught me everything I know as I believe there are no failures just incredible lessons. Life is a journey not a destination.”

As a single divorced mother of two, she finds her largest assets are her ability to sell, network, connect and create opportunities. Her last two businesses Spivance and Jolene Unleashed and Associates specialized in opportunity management, marketing and promotions strategy, as well as business coaching. There is no way to describe the way that she would activate a spark within a company, and work to unleash the elements, whilst connecting my clients together. Be it in her networks, strategies, marketing, education, training or mentoring.

Over the past three years, Jolene has taken a sabbatical and begun work with her boyfriend at Diverse Auto and to teach yoga. She also manages the KCPF (Kensington Crime Prevention Forum) that entails recruiting, scheduling, monitoring and managing +/- 60 patrollers daily. She is simply a people’s person who loves to see people get the most from life.  Jolene Unleashed still exists as she is coaching and assisting with marketing campaigns.

“Yoga has become my prana – the air I breathe. Now I just wish to improve the quality of life for me and all those whom attend my classes. To bring about a transformation in character; a change for the better as I see day after day. As I have become a more considerate, sensitive, loyal, understanding, enduring & mature being. Physically, I aim through constant and correct performance of the asanas, to ensure good posture & maintain good health for both myself and my students. All while this happens I encourage an open mind and good sense of humour!”

Find out more about her Yoga studio.: YogaJo.