Nadia Rosenthal

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Cape Town

Hatha, Vinyasa


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Nadia has been teaching yoga for 16 years. She found her initial love and inspiration through the gentle teachings of Richard Hittleman and the Ananda Kutir Ashram that draws from the lineage of Sivananda and Ventkatesananda as well as Viniyoga, the therapeutic style of Desikachar.

She completed her 300 hr teacher training in Bangalore, India, through the Vivekananda Kendra. Since then she has studied the with Astanga and Iyengar teachers, enjoying the more physically challenging and regimented teachings. She also studied the refined Vijnana vinyasa style with Orit Sen Gupta in Jerusalem. Through all of this though, Nadia has always seen her home in the practice of generic, unstructured Hatha yoga, the creative exploration of poses and experience based on the foundational teachings of awareness, acceptance and working from a comfortable place before all else.

Nadia loves, in particular, to work with the personal process of individuals - to capture what ignites and inspires them, unleashing the energy and motivation that carries them to take them on a wonderful journey of discovery though their bodies and beings. She also works in particular with imagery and themes, drawing powerfully from nature.

She offers small group classes in Tamboerskloof and also works extensively one-on-one with people of all levels. Working with the breath and breathing practices are integral to her work, making her work powerful for people with asthma and anxiety conditions. Nadia also works therapeutically as well as with senior, drawing on the power of using smaller, more repetitive movements in the style of viniyoga.


Teacher Training at the Vivekanda Kendra, Bangalore India